Dinnington Town council and election of Dave Smith as Chairman.

Ralph McIver stepped down as the chairman and Dave Smith was elected as Chairman by those already elected onto the council.  I didn’t realise Ralph was the current chair of the council, as I had seen him on recent video’s of the meeting, but didn’t recognise him until I saw him in person.

Dinnington pit winding wheel
Dinnington pit winding wheel

At the local election for appointing councillors onto the Town council, there were less applying for positions than there were positions and all who applied were elected.  At last nights meeting it was necessary to co opt further people onto the council, if last nights sham of democracy is anything to go by, I dread the future under Dave Smith and company.

I can’t explain the election process, I hadn’t a clue what was going off, but shouldn’t the public have been involved in the election process and not just those councillors on the Town council.   All the additional people should have put their names forward and then the public and the councillors at the meeting should have taken a vote on each candidate, the candidates with the most votes should have then been elected.  I believe we should at this point have gone through a full election process of all un elected councillors and those wanting to be co opted, even if there had been a delay and it would have cost us a few thousand pounds.

If last nights meeting is anything to go by, then it reminds me of George Orwell and Animal farm.

I was allowed to ask one question, but personally I think it was above the heads of most on the council.  We have a train line that connects Dinnington to Sheffield and Doncaster, this line could easily be used to transport people using Hybrid super trams.  My concern is that it could be lost  when it no longer transports coal.  I wanted the council to push this forward with South Yorkshire transport, because it would give the 20K of people living in the villages of Anston and Dinnington a super transport link into Sheffield, also allowing the transportation of goods into the industrial sites around us.  I am going to have to push this forward myself with South Yorkshire transport and people in local government who can make a difference.  I doubt very much whether my question will be carried forward, from the feedback I received last night.

There was also an agenda item on last nights meeting, about the allotment sites between Lordens Hill and Victoria St.  At the moment they are a complete mess, there about 6 allotments, but they have been allowed to become nothing more than dumping ground for waste.  Allotment owners were invited to turn up last night, to discuss the idea of a community garden.  Only one member of the allotments turned up, so that was another wasted opportunity.  It is better if this is dealt with away from Town council meetings, rather than just being a petty item on the agenda.

I don’t believe that attending Dinnington Town Parish council meetings is going to make a lot of differences, they tend to discuss the petty issues while Rome is burning.   If we are going to make a real difference to the communities of Anston and Dinnington we need to break up Rotherham borough council back into smaller units that existed before its construction in 1975.  I would re create the old Kiveton and District that was disbanded, but is now 1.5 times more populated.  The old rural district looked after us for better than Rotherham borough council and wasn’t massively in debt, they had a surplus.   The newly formed rural district could then purchase services off surrounding councils if it was in our interest to do.  We have seen that creating a larger borough council, created more waste, higher debt and poorer services, the reverse of what we were told would happen when it was created.

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