S25 Anston and Dinnington, S66 Maltby hybrid super tram to Sheffield

Anston and Dinnington now have a population in excess of 20 thousand, but we now have the worst public transport system I can remember in my life time.  It would be very easy to connect Anston and Dinnington to Sheffield, using a hybrid super tram system along the old coal transportation system, this would also benefit the Town of Maltby which is connected to the same line.  I have concerns this line will be removed, now that Maltby colliery has been closed and will become nothing more than a cycle or walking route.

Lindrick dale junction
Lindrick dale junction

The Coal line that allowed Dinnington and Maltby to transport their coal, goes through to Doncaster at one end and connects to the Sheffield to Worksop line at Lindrick dale.  At Lindrick dale the Hybrid super tram could pass over the points and then travel towards Sheffield.  Even better a viaduct already exists and a new track could be laid to allow the Anston and Dinnington super tram to seamlessly connect to the Sheffield line.

The picture shows a bridge where the viaduct already exists and the map is a birds eye view of it.

All we would then require is a couple of stations at Dinnington and Anston and the Hybrid super tram could provide a regular 10/20 minute service into Sheffield via Kiveton park station.  I used to catch

Lindrick dale viaduct
Lindrick dale viaduct

the train from Kiveton when I was working at HSBC in Sheffield, but parking, over crowding and regularity of the trains became a problem.

This would also allow Maltby to gain access to a Hybrid super tram service via Anston and Dinnington, Maltby is nearly as big as big as Anston and Dinnington combined.  Just imagine the cars this would take off the road and how much smoother travel would be into Sheffield.  It also allows a Hybrid super tram service to be provided into Doncaster in the reverse direction.

Just imagine how much more wealth this would bring into Anston, Dinnington and Maltby if people had better access into Sheffield and Doncaster and how much this would increase prosperity for Doncaster and Sheffield.  If a Hybrid super tram service was provided from all outlying districts into Sheffield, this would increase prosperity for South Yorkshire as a whole.

As well as carrying passenger transport into Maltby, Anston and Dinnington, it would allow freight to be transported during the night, to all the industrial estates, reducing heavy goods vehicle traffic on the roads.

Kiveton, Woodhouse, Darnall have a very infrequent train service, that is over crowded, but a 10/20 minute hybrid super tram service from Anston, Dinnington and Maltby would ensure that Kiveton, Woodhouse and Darnall had a much more frequent and better service into Sheffield.  It would also be possible to open up a new station in Handsworth, enabling more passenger transport to be carried.

If the current Plaxtons site was moved onto the industrial estate, the site could be used for a massive park and ride scheme for the people of Worksop who travel to work into Sheffield via the A57, that passes by this site.

If you can assist me with this goal and work for South Yorkshire passenger transport service please get in contact.

All the best



2 thoughts on “S25 Anston and Dinnington, S66 Maltby hybrid super tram to Sheffield

    1. We could if the wealth in the UK was spread far more evenly, rather than London being given so much of the Cake. I would scrap HS2 and spend the money on the day to day network and increasing local hubs.


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