Replacement of Stuart Gray and new manager of Sheffield Wednesday football club

The new chairman of Sheffield Wednesday Dejphon Chansiri has set his sights on getting Wednesday back into the Premier division within 2 years, the 150th year of their existence. If Dejphon is going to achieve this goal he is going to either have to bring in a director of football and move him above Stuart Gray or have a total re think all together on how he achieves this goal.

Sheffield Wednesday Football club
Sheffield Wednesday Football club

Stuart Gray maybe a good coach, but I have no confidence in him being the right person to get Wednesday promoted into the promised land.  His previous record at other clubs before he became Sheffield Wednesday manager was appalling, have a look on Wiki at his profile.

Wednesday finished higher than they have done for many a season, but the crowds actually reduced last season, because the football being played at Hillsborough was pretty poor.   Listening to Stuart Gray when being interviewed on the Radio says it all about his personality and his style of football.

Gary Megson’s style of football may not have been pretty when he was in charge, but it got results.   I suspect he called a spade a spade and Mandaric didn’t like that, he wanted yes men at Sheffield Wednesday, Stuart Gray fits that bill well in my eyes.   Gary was looking for one player to replace Ben Marshall and when Antonio was brought in, Wednesday romped to promotion under a new manager.

Nigel Pearson left Leicester City while Mandaric was in charge and came back in when a new owner took over the club and has now made Leicester into a sustainable Premiership club.  Rather than bringing Danny Wilson in all those years ago, I would have kept Ron Atkinson as director of football and brought Nigel Pearson in as manager.

I really wouldn’t be surprised to see Gary Megson back at Hillsborough, the football he got the team to play when he was West Brom manager would bring the crowds flocking to Hillsborough and with the right financial backing I can imagine Megson creating a good Premiership team at Hillsborough.   Megson is 100% owl throughout and my choice of the next Wednesday manager, however Dejphon may surprise us all with a foreign manager or head coach.

This decision has to be made sooner rather than later, if Wednesday are to achieve promotion to the Premier division within two years.

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