Hard wood for a log burner.

If you can supply me hardwood for a log burner at a reasonable price, please get in contact.  I have managed to source softwood from the following supplier at Wallingwells Carlton in Lindrick, for £20 for a large builders bag. www.carltonfirewood.co.uk.  Get in contact with Craig if you need firewood.

Firefox 8 log burner
Firefox 8 log burner

Sourcing decent priced hard wood for a log burner has been more problematic.  Oak or Beech are the best hard woods for my log burner, but the Kiln dried hard wood I tried from a place at Tinsley was quite expensive, why have a log burner and then pay the same price as using my central heating boiler.  Too many have jumped on suppling hard wood for log burners, but not at a cost that make it beneficial to use.

If you can supply decent firewood for my log burner, please get in contact.

All the best




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