Tesco express North Anston Sheffield Cutler application

I am going to say yes to the Tesco Express store application for North Anston, as it will ensure that houses aren’t built on the Cutler site and will ensure the site remains public, rather than private.

I would like to see the vacant Plaxtons site on the A57 created into a Civic centre for the Town of Anston. You can view the application for the Tesco store here.

Please leave the reason why you are for or against the new Tesco on the North Anston Cutler site on the comments at the end of the blog?


These plans aren’t very easy for the general public to view, so I have changed into a form so people can easily view them.  If the owner objects to this, please let me know and I will remove, however I would find strange as I am trying to help them and am not receiving any benefit myself.

Tesco cutler Anston front
Tesco cutler Anston front
Tesco site plan cutler anston
Tesco site plan cutler anston

This is the Cutler site as it is, looking rather shabby and the last thing Anston needs is more houses building on this site.

Cutler pub Anston
Cutler pub Anston

Tesco Expresses aren’t renowned for being as cheap as the larger stores, but should make local shops more competitive and up their game a little.  The Pond shop is part of a larger organisation called Premier.  I don’t shop in any of the local shops, as they aren’t a patch on the shops locally back in the 1970’s and are very over priced.

As for the junction being dangerous, that is easily solved with a roundabout, which should have been built when the Health centre was added to Greenlands Park.

This is the closest to a Town centre Anston has, it is in dire need of more shops and facilities.

All the best Tim


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