Tesco North Anston Sheffield Cutler new store for and against poll

Having lived in Anston since 1966, I have seen the number of shops decimated, while the population has grown three fold and is now larger than Dinnington.  Unless Tesco is allowed to build their new store on the site, I can see the owner of the Cutler, applying for planning permission to build houses on the site.  The last thing Anston needs are more houses.

Please leave the reason why you are for or against the new Tesco on the North Anston Cutler site on the comments at the end of the blog?

Cutler pub Anston
Cutler pub Anston

Ideally I would like to see the vacant Plaxtons site turned into a civic centre for Anston, something long awaited since the early 1970’s.

I have seen a number of flyers around and a group of people getting together to object to the new Tesco store.

However much I dislike the corporate world, I actually think a new Tesco store in Anston would do more good than bad.  I also wonder if Tesco will be closing the Dinnington store, once the new store in Anston is in operation, only time will tell.

One of the objections to the Tesco scheme is the number of cars that will use the new site per hour, however that will reduce the same number of car journeys to Dinnington, reducing car usage quite considerably along Nursery Rd.   For example rather than driving 2 miles into Dinnington from South Anston, the journey will now only be  a mile.  People won’t be travelling from Dinnington to Anston to use a much smaller Tesco.

Yes the junction the Cutler is on is dangerous, however a couple of mini roundabouts at this point will improve the situation and should have been done when the new health centre was built on Greenlands.

We have the issue of competition for the existing local shops.  Well Tesco Express isn’t renowned for being cheap, not when I used the one on Gateford Rd in Worksop.  If local shop keepers can’t compete against a Tesco express, I suggest they review their profit margins. I would suggest that the owner of the old Watmoughs at the Pond, considers changing from Premier food, to a wholesaler who sells to them more cheaply.

The owner of the Post Office on Radford Rd, bought out the Off licence on Nursery Rd and has closed it down for about 6 months.  This means that the ladies who worked in the shop for many years, lost their jobs and local customers have been without a service for a considerable period of time.   This doesn’t exactly help with customer relations or past staff relations.

Now that the Post Office owner, owns the Nursery Rd shop, will they be looking at purchasing the Premier food shop to remove all local competition?  The other point to consider on this, is that when planning permission was gained for extending the Nursery rd shop and moving the Post Office there, that this site has very poor parking.

If I am correct I can imagine that the now Independent Anston Parish council will vote against a Tesco in Anston, when it comes to the planning application.   However I would ask the Independent Anston Parish council, what are you going to do to provide the 10,000 plus who now live in Anston with the decent shops and services, that the Town now deserves?  It shouldn’t be necessary for the 10,000 people in Anston to travel to Dinnington to do their weekly shop or use services.

Many of the Independents who are now councillors on Anston, were always critical of the old Labour run Parish council, but other than being objectionable I never heard them come up with good alternatives or solutions for Anston.  Lets see if the new Independent Anston parish council proves me wrong, but I won’t hold my breathe too long.

Think very carefully before objecting to the Tesco in Anston, as you could be Turkeys voting for Christmas.   I suggest that you consider the bigger picture and ignore the scare stories.

You will find more details on the planning application on a previous post I wrote.

All the best




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