Carlos Carvalhal versus Nigel Pearson as manager of Sheffield Wednesday

Dejphon Chansiri may be a successful business man, however his appointment of a new manager has been very unprofessional in my opinion.  I think it was a big mistake to appoint Glen Roeder and a number of others on a committee to run Sheffield Wednesday.  Who is Carlos Carvalhal, well have a look at his wiki entry, not a lot to shout about.

Carlos Carvalhal

We have known through the press for a number of weeks about the appointment of Carlos Carvalhal, but this was only officially announced to us this week.  We understand that they were trying to get Mark Cooper from Swindon Town as his understudy, which hasn’t been successful by the looks of it.

Why sack Stuart Gray or put him in such a position that he has to walk due to constructive dismissal (?sacked) and then appoint somebody like Carlos Carvalhal, Mark Cooper as his assistant didn’t exactly sound a good choice either.

My number one or number two choice has suddenly become available after Leicester city sacked him.  I always wanted Wednesday to appoint Nigel Pearson as the understudy to wrong Atkinson, rather than appointing Danny Wilson.  Nigel Pearson has to be the N01 choice to be Sheffield Wednesday manager, he was the best leader I have seen on the pitch at Wednesday, which he has transferred into a management role.  Nigel Pearson still lives in Sheffield and knows exactly what the Sheffield public wants.  Nigel has been a total success in my eyes at Leicester city.

I can’t see the appointment of Carlos Carvalhal being good and just hope it isn’t too late to appoint Nigel Pearson in his place, before he gets snapped up else where.  It is a toss up between Pearson and Megson for me, but Pearson has held Leicester city in the Premiership at the first attempt, whereas Megson was sacked at West Brom at the 2nd attempt of getting promotion to the Premier division.  Megson if he was cut in half, would be like Blackpool rock, with Wednesday all the way through him, perhaps not as objective as necessary for the role.

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