S.W.F.C. Sheffield Wednesday Hillsborough ticket prices rip off

I couldn’t believe the ticket prices announced by Sheffield Wednesday yesterday.   For the opening match of the season against Bristol City, it will cost £39 to sit on the KOP, for the Cat A matches against Rotherham and Leeds it will be £45.   Things get even worse in the North and South stands, the peak price for the South stand is £52.

Last season Wednesday were charging £32 for a Cat A match in the South stand and £28 on the KOP and I thought these ticket prices were a rip off.

Sheffield Wednesday Football club
Sheffield Wednesday Football club

I started watching Wednesday when I was 4 years old in 1968.  In 1980 when I watched the Boxing day massacre against United, the receipts for the match were £50K, which means it was costing about a £1 a match.   In 1991 when I went to watch Wednesday at Wembley against Manchester United I paid £45, double the ticket price, but I did see Wednesday win the cup.  I also went to the play off final in Cardiff, at the time I paid £45 a ticket, but could have got two tickets for the same price.

The last time I had a season ticket in the South stand was when Di Canio was playing, but to pay on the gate then was only about £15 if I remember correctly.  Even at £2o a match I think football is over priced.

Football supporters in the UK are being totally ripped off when you consider what fans are charged in the German Bundesliga,an average of £23 Euro’s.  Other than the ticket prices, the main reason why I stay away from watching Sheffield Wednesday, is being unable to stand.  If I am going to sit, then my first option is the South Stand, but I would go back to standing on the KOP on old fashioned terraces, rather than nanny state safe standing areas.  Don’t even get me onto the cause of the Hillsborough disaster.

If football wants to get its house in order, it has to start limiting salaries of the players to 30% of turnover, which leaves 30% for ground development, 30% for youth development and 10% for a rainy day or profit.  At some stage football is going to bankrupt itself.  I personally stopped going, because I knew what ticket prices were going to be, when Wednesday got back in the Premier division.

Lets consider somebody on a minimum wage of £6-50 a hour, they are going to have to work a day just to get a ticket for a Wednesday match.  I personally believe the football admission price should be double the minimum wage.   The income gained from televising matches, should go towards subsidising the prices of the matches for those fans who attend actual matches.

Those who have season tickets, should be careful before criticising those who can’t get to every match, or are unable to afford a season ticket.  I would expect a massive hike in season ticket prices when Wednesday get back into the Premier division.

As far as I am concerned Sheffield Wednesday football club can go out of business, because I refuse to pay those prices to watch Premier division football.

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