Phase 3 (III) season tickets at Sheffield Wednesday S.W.F.C. own goal

What an own goal by Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, if you are going to frighten people into buying season tickets, isn’t it best to release match day ticket prices, before season ticket deals.   On Phase 1 you could have got a season ticket for the KOP for little over £17 a match, however by the time the Phase 3 season ticket deal has been announced a season ticket will cost £25 a match.  £25 sounds a little harsh for the KOP, when you have paid for all the games up front.  Wednesday have currently sold 13K of season tickets, they will be lucky to add a further 2K of season tickets.  We are talking of an average of 20K a match, at this rate, if we are lucky.

Sheffield Wednesday Football club
Sheffield Wednesday Football club

It’s OK the club saying that supporters can buy season tickets spread over so many months, but there is a cost for that and supporters on the minimum wage are going to be priced out for both season tickets and match day tickets.  Some people just can’t get to every match and others aren’t as committed.  Shouldn’t the club be looking to fill Hillsborough every week.

It is going to cost supporters £39 to sit on the KOP for the first match of the season and will rise to £45 for Cat A matches against Rotherham and Leeds.

Football in the UK is pricing the working man out of the game and clubs owe their being to the working man in the first place.    If somebody is on a minimum wage, they are going to have to work 7.5 hours just to go to a match and if there are two in a week, how will they fund that?

Football has lost all sense of proportion.  A fairer pricing for match day tickets would be £15 standing on the KOP or Leppings lane and £25 in the main stands, with cheaper deals for season tickets.

At some stage football is going to bankrupt itself.  The turnover should be spent as follows: 30% wages, 30% ground development, 30% youth development and 10% for a rainy day.   TV should be subsidising the prices to some degree for the attending football fan.  Turnover needs to be increased from corporate, non football events, merchandising and selling TV rights to foreign nations.

There seems to be mention of Wednesday buying a couple of million pound players, but I will believe it when I see it.  The appointment of a head coach who has done nothing, doesn’t fill me with confidence for the season ahead either.

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