Litter and fly tipping in S25 Dinnington and Anston Rotherham borough Britain

I am getting a little miffed off with the amount of litter I see dumped on the streets and hedge rows of Britain.  There is a small minority of people making our life’s a misery with their anti social behaviour.

This is a video I took last night around Dinnington, I could have found a thousand more cases of this in the village, but this goes no where near showing the scale of this anti social beahviour.

This is an area of land in Dinnington, it used to be allotments and has now become a fly tipping area.   Rotherham council can do nothing about it as it is a private land, but without their help the allotment holders are in a lose lose position.  Notice orders have been served on the allotment areas many months ago, but other than one allotment owner clearing his site, nothing has moved forward on with this.   The cleared allotment is now as bad as before it was cleared.  Without all the allotments being fenced off it is going to be hard to stop the fly tipping issue.  However the council have a public footpath through this area and should ensure rubbish and fly tipping on it is cleared, but this is poorly carried out.

As I have traveled into Rotherham, the verges are covered in rubbish along the hedge rows, litter is becoming an embarrassment and social night mare in Britain.

I have written this letter to David Cameron asking for his help:-

68 Victoria St



S25 2SF

01909 282435

24th July 2015

Litter and fly tipping epidemic Rotherham Borough

Dear David

I wonder if you could help me resolve this issue where I live, however I do believe it is an issue in most places in the UK. It shames me to be English and something that didn’t exist in my own child hood of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

I believe the government needs to create a task force and even a dedicated minister for this, this issue needs tacking head on. It blights our life’s, but will also damage our tourist industry.

I have done a video on youtube which you can view, this video doesn’t go any where near showing how bad it is, but I could find 1000’s of similar areas where I live with the same issue.

I have also taken pictures of land where I live, that should be allotments and has a public way through it,

I have a cycled a lot lately and our grass verges are covered in litter and this issue only gets worse when I occasionaly drive into Rotherham.

I have talked to various partners about this issue but they do very little, I even raised the issue with my local M.P. Kevin Barron who only lives a 2 minute walk away and he thinks the partners are handing it correctly. I would have like a meeting on site with Kevin, but his response in writing to me, made such a meeting worthless.

I think this issue needs to be tackled in a number of ways, more resources for removal of the rubbish, penalising the individuals responsible, education and publicity. Lets develop something like the Tufty club or Green cross code, that were around in my childhood. This message needs to be driven home to children in schools, in order to change the behaviour of their parents, with projects and litter picks around school grounds and the roads around the schools.

Like the CSE scandal, Rotherham borough council are not addressing it and need their hands slapping, they just kick the can down the road.

Yours in anticipation


Copy to: Kevin Barron

I will also be contacting all local schools asking them to do projects on the damage it does to local communities.

All the best



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