Sheffield the oldest football club moving back to the City of Sheffield

Sheffield Football club are renowned for being the oldest football club in the world, Cambridge University have tried to steal that, but FIFA have upheld Sheffield F.C. as being the oldest club in the world.  Hallam F.C. are the 2nd oldest football club.  Prior to that there was football, but not in the modern day form we now see.  At one stage whole villages would be involved in a match, trying to get the ball from one village to another.  At some stage Rugby was created and split off from football.

A number of years Sheffield F.C. were going to move back into the City of Sheffield and build a new 10K stadium, but that never came off.   Sheffield F.C. own their own ground for the first time in their history, but it is not in the City of Sheffield.

Their idea is to move to the Olive grove cricket ground owned by the Sheffield council, in the Olive grove area of Sheffield, they have been granted a free lease by the council.   Sheffield F.C. started on this ground back in 1857.   Olive grove is more famously known as the site for the first Sheffield Wednesday ground, Wednesday being originall known as ‘The Wednesday’.

The first stage of Sheffield F.C. moving to Olive grove is the public donating the £150K, you can find the donate link on their web site  You can donate as little as a £1.  For £2o you will get to see their first ever game at the new ground.

The first thing to do is upgrade the pitch, put in perimeter fencing etc.

Further stages of fund raising will allow floodlights, a museum about the start of football, stands etc.

Hopefully Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United will be making considerable donations.

I will go along tomorrow and get a picture of the new ground and where Sheffield Wednesday used to play at Olive grove.

Wouldn’t it be great for Sheffield Wednesday to go back to being The Wednesday on their 150th anniversary and play Sheffield F.C. at their new ground at Olive Grove.

All the best



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