Sheffield football grounds:Hillsborough, Bramall Lane, Olive Grove photographs. The Full Monty.

It was announced that Sheffield F.C. are moving back to the spiritual home of world football, where the modern game was created.   The Sheffield rules book still exists.  I decided to go and take some pictures of the Sheffield F.C. Olive Rd ground on the Sheffield Works social ground and also managed to locate the Olive Rd ground of Sheffield Wednesday, there is a brass plaque on the wall in remembrance of it.  You should find further blogs on this, at the bottom of this blog.

I started at Hillsborough and took pictures of all sides of the ground.   It is shameful the way Wednesday have left the Leppings Lane stand,  a new covering on it would make it far more welcoming, it looks a complete eyesore.  The rest of the ground looks pretty tidy and the Cantilever stand that was built in the 1960’s still looks as good today.

I then went along to Bramall Lane, this wasn’t such an issue, because Wednesday played there long before United.  Wednesday were kicked of it, because of the damage this was doing to the pitch, but the gentry then created United after finding how much money was in football.  I still wish that Bramall lane was a cricket ground, as it would now be the best in the country.

The United ground has been developed far better than Wednesday’s and made much more compact, but is only about three quarters the size of Hillsborough.

From this point I then made my way to Sheffield F.C.s new ground on the works departments social club and then found Wednesday’s old Olive Rd ground location.   Wednesday also played at Highfield which is half way between Olive Grove and Bramall Lane and Myrtle Rd which is further on than Olive Grove.  I really can’t understand why Wednesday moved so far out of the City, I think a move to Carbrook would have been better.

I have added a photograph here from each ground, but you can also go onto flicker to see all the photographs of the Sheffield grounds.


Bramall Lane Sheffield
Bramall Lane Sheffield
Hillsborough, Sheffield
Hillsborough, Sheffield
swfc olive grove
swfc olive grove
Sheffield F.C. Olive Grove
Sheffield F.C. Olive Grove

I have also added a photograph of the car lot on Penistone rd,  where my Great Grandparents and Great Aunt and Uncle lived, it was quite a meeting place before and after matches.  Their row of terraces fell into the River Don in the 1970’s.  I went to Hillsborough as soon as I could walk, starting in the top of the Leppings Lane stand, then standing in the terrrace there.  I would still stand on the Leppings Lane terrace now and feel perfectly safe, without the fencing that always restricted the view, installed due to 1970’s FACup semi finals.  Even back in the 1970’s my relations living around the ground used to complain of drunken supporters at FACup semi finals.

All the best



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