Where was Sheffield Wednesday’s Olive Rd Ground? Olive Grove Rd Photographs

The history of Sheffield Wednesday has always interested me.  Sadly to say Wednesday have won the Premier division title 4 times and the FACUP 3 times, before I was even born.  However I was there to see their Rumbelows Cup Final victory over Manchester United at Wembley.   Sheffield F.C. are now looking at relocating back to Olive Grove, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and visit Sheffield F.C.s ground and Wednesday’s old one.

Start off at Bramall Lane, but remember we played there before the Blunts and were called the Blades before them.  In fact I think we were a little classier being called the Cutlers after their formation.   If you locate Shoreham St, which is where their KOP is located, look for Charlotte St and follow that up to Olive Grove.   Once at Olive Grove Rd, look for the main entrance for the Sheffield works department and you will find a brass plaque behind the bus shelter.

They also played at Highfield which is now a library, which is also half way between Bramall Lane and Olive Grove.  Wednesday also played at Myrtle Rd, which is further on than Olive Grove

I took a picture from the bridge looking across the railway line, as Wednesday had to leave the Olive Grove ground they rented, following expansion of the railway line.  At the time of Wednesday leaving Olive Grove it was a toss up between a new ground in Carbrook and Owlerton, the Wednesday supporters chose Carbrook in a vote, the directors Owlerton.

swfc olive grove
swfc olive grove
swfc olive grove
swfc olive grove
swfc olive grove
swfc olive grove

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