Fracking Anston, Dinnington, Sheffield and Rotherham.

I understand the government is going to start to allow companies to frack from Killamarsh through to Dinnington, this will be where much of the coal was mined in South Yorkshire.  I can imagine that these companies will find it difficult to get Rotherham council to grant them licences, as this is where Rotherham borough wants to build many new houses against out wishes.

Dinnington pit winding wheel
Dinnington pit winding wheel

I do have concerns about fracking, but at the same time I do believe it needs to go ahead with all the safe guards in place.  Rather than trying to fight it, we should ensure it is done safely, without damage to the water table.

Earth quakes.

I think the earth quakes detected around Blackpool were a red herring, as only 1 to 2 mm fissures are created in rock to allow the shale gas/oil to be extracted.

Pollution of the water table.

This is my greatest concern, but if we do it away from where the under ground water table is and have the necessary barriers in place, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Environmental issues.

We had coal mining all around this area, so this is a non issue.  There should be very little disturbance above the surface and I can’t imagine it causing much heavy traffic.  How do people think petrol is delivered to service stations.


We as a country have to become more resilient in our energy provision, it would be nice to see profit especially from tax’s and licences, being used to develop more sustainable energy sources in the future.  We wasted the profits of North sea oil production.

Fracking should create some decent jobs and wealth for the area if carried out correctly and reduce our reliance on the Middle East.

Why do people think they can have all the benefits of the modern age, but it should happen in other countries (or not my back garden) and not effect themselves.  I find this very hypocritical of people and typical of those with a Green agenda.

All the best



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