Dinnington colliery band Brassed off.

Dinnington colliery band practice hall
Dinnington colliery band practice hall

My parents moved to Anston from Sheffield in 1966.  I used to go to cubs in Dinnington, shop there and attended the local Comprehensive school.  I still didn’t really get the mining community until I watched the Brassed off film.

I became supportive of Dinnington colliery band back in about 2001, because they were really struggling, so paid for them to play one Saturday morning outside the Co-op on the High St and then at St James Church in South Anston one night.  This was a gift to the communities, but also to help the band and I like listening to them.  I love Orange Juice “Rodrigo’s Concierto De Aranjuez”.

Years later Dinnington colliery band appeared on BBC TV in a documentary and had an album produced that reached N01 in the Classic FM charts.   I expected the Colliery band to move to a new venue or rebuild the existing one, something they had been planning to do for years.

I bumped into one of the people who ran the Colliery band and was told they had made little out of recording the album, however when I looked on Wiki it says the band have £100K in a fund to rebuild their practice hall.  Can somebody confirm the true reality of the situation?, as I was told they received very little from their recording but £100K would seem quite a considerable sum.

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