What’s it like working for Tesco in Dinnington? Is it a good or bad job

It wasn’t good in my experience, most people leave within a few months, the rest seem to be there for life.  A high turnover of staff in my eyes shows a poor staff morale.

I applied twice to be on the stock control team, I even helped to specify the first Information technology stock control at HSBC in the 1990’s and they would only give me a stock replenishing job on the alcohol section.  They weren’t exactly using my best skills.

Wages, when I was there, were nothing more than £7-40 an hour.   No overtime rate for a Saturday and 1.5 times for a Sunday.

If I was working a 7 hour shift, this day became 8.5 hours, without any paid breaks. It’s a long day and they want you sat around for their benefit, in case something goes wrong, without actually paying you.

I was lucky to get 20 hours a week, however, they want you to be available all week in case they need you, pushing you to work weekends rather than weekdays.

I felt they were a sexist organisation and were expecting more from the men for the same money.  For example.  At the end of a hard day for me, I was expected to drag out the new deliveries on my own, which wasn’t my responsibility.   The woman staff, would be stood around on the self-service or tills doing nothing, they could have paired up and given me a hand.

Staff who had been there many years, were on old contracts that were so much more better rewarded, which should have been gotten rid of 10 years ago after Safeway’s was taken over.  This doesn’t do a lot for staff morale and is totally unfair.

I left after six months and reported management to more senior management, the management was extremely poor from where I was sitting.  I was offered my job back, but after two meetings with their Human resources team, I didn’t believe they had listened to a word I had said and turned them down.

I still hadn’t been given a locker after 6 months, that’s a really nice way to treat the staff and make you feel welcome.

All the best



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