Best soft hard firewood for log burner S25 Anston Dinnington Worksop Sheffield Rotherham


I had a log burner installed in my house at the end of winter last year.  So far I have found the following places to source my wood from.

Carlton in Lindrick

Craig can be contacted on 07584357926

He has a deal at the moment for a builders bag of mixed soft and hard wood for £60 a bag or two bags for £100.  Just check this deal is still on.


Ian johnson can be contacted via email click on

Delivers a loose load which is about a builders bag, costs £60 a bag.  Majority is hard wood.



Contact Scott on 0781 5320557

Net bags £3 for softwood and £3-50 for hardwood.   I ordered 18 bags which cost me £60 and worked out at about a builders bag.

North Anston Ryton DIY.

Ring 01909 567042

One blue bag of softwood £4.  Easy to drive in and load up or they will deliver.

I think that Ian Johnsons was the best deal so far, as the majority of his wood is hardwood and I think the load is slightly more than a builders bag.  But they are all good suppliers.

If I was you, I wouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security, as the weather could really dip in 2016 and we could have a winter as bad as 2010 during the 2nd half of the year.

There is also near Tinsley and Welbec garden centre, but they work out more expensive, about £80 a load and I am not sure if that is for hardwood.

Kindest regards




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