How to make perfect Christmas mince pies photograph

I didn’t realise how cardboard the ones tasted in Tesco and Aldi, until I had some of my mothers home made ones and decided to have a go myself.   I have actually made mincemeat myself many years ago, but don’t know how I turned them into mincepies, as I didn’t know how to make pastry until last year.

Christmas mince pies
Christmas mince pies

First of all purchase a non stick bun tray, I got one from Poundstretcher for £1-50.  I also purchase mincemeat from Tesco for £1 a jar.  You will also need Plain flour and some cooking margarine.

Weigh out twice the amount in weight of flour to margarine.  I used 250 g of flour to 125 g of margarine,  This made exactly 12 mince pies.

Place into a mixing bowl.  Cut up the margarine into small pieces using a sharp knife.  Then start to rub the margarine and flour together lifting up and releasing with your fingers, do this until they both turn into bread crumbs.  Then add about 2/3 tablespoons of water and knead into a dough, you may have to add more water dependent on the quantities, but be careful you don’t make into a goo.

Once you have made the dough, get the non stick bun tray and grease with margarine.  Also put the oven on about 22oc.   I cleaned the worked top and sprinkled flour onto it,  I then put the dough on there and rolled out into pastry.    I couldn’t find a pastry cutter, so used a clean can about the size of a baked bean can, which was perfect for cutting into circles.    Once you have cut out as many pastry circles as you can from the dough, re mould the dough and re roll and cut out some more circles.

I then placed a circle of pastry into the bottom of each bun compartment and then about a teaspoon and a half of mincemeat on top.  I then put another pastry on top of each one.  I then go around each mince pie and press the two pastry circles together, so that mince meat won’t ooze out of the side, you could go around the edges of the mince pie using a fork, I prefer to use my fingers.

I then put a couple of pricks in the centre of each mince using a fork.  I then place into a warm oven and watch until cooked to perfection.  It took 20/30 minutes from my recollection.

Take the mince pies out, I used a fork to lift each mince pie carefully, but left in the baking tray to cool.  I then stored the mince pies away in a tin.   Wash the non stick bun tray and the dry well and put away for the next time.  I hope this helped you.

Happy baking




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