Simple scones recipe and photograph.

Its so cheap and easy to buy scones from Tesco and Aldi, but they taste like cardboard.  I did try to make scones a number of years ago and wasn’t too successful, but my last attempt was 90% perfect.



9 Oz of plain flour  (There are recipes out there using self raising flour)

4 teaspoons of baking powder.

2 Oz of butter  (I used baking margarine)

1 Oz of brown sugar  (I used white sugar)

150ml milk (I used Soya

Pinch of salt (I didn’t use any)

First of all put the oven on for 220 degrees C.


Put Flour, baking powder into your mixing bowl.  Sieve these two ingredients together a number of times into a different bowl or onto a larger plate.   All this does is mix the two ingredients and put air into the flour.  This was the mistake I made a number of years ago, when my scones were two hard, I didn’t know to do this.

Then mix your butter,  flour and baking powder together, until like bread crumbs.   Lift the butter up into the flour and drop down.  It’s just like when making pastry.   Once you have the bread crumbs, mix in the sugar and then add the 150ml of milk.

Mix all ingredients into a dough, start with a large spoon, then use your hands.   Finally I make sure my work surface is clean and then put flour onto it and then work the dough a little more on the work surface.  On the recipe it warned about kneading too much as it will make the scones too hard.

I then roll out the dough so it is 1.5 cm thick, I then cut out the scones.  I found a full set of pastry cutters at Tesco in Worksop and they only cost me £1.50.

Make sure your baking tray is well greased.  Then put each piece of scone onto the tray.   You may want to brush each scone with milk to give it a glazed finish.  On the other recipe it talk about using egg whites, which seemed a little wasteful to me.

Put your scones into the oven and bake to perfection.  Once cooked to perfection, ease from the baking tray, but leave in place and leave to cool.

You can then store the scones in a tin or you can then butter the scones, use cream and jam or what ever you prefer.

All the best







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