Bankrupt EPL English Premier League and move of football power base to the USA

There is supposed to be fair play rules in the Premier division and Football League to stop clubs living beyond their means, however last year on getting promoted to the Premier division a number of clubs ignored this and suffered very few consequences.  Limiting players wages to 60% of turnover is still way too high and a more reasonable figure should be about 30% of turnover.

Football clubs throughout the Premier division and Championship have massive debt, its not sustainable and if it is suddenly disappeared I would be concerned there is some creative accountancy going on.


If football wants to become sustainable I suggest they limit wages to 30% of turnover, put 30% aside for ground development and 30% for developing the youth side of the game and future players.  That would leave 10% for profit or a rainy day.

Football has escaped the last recession, however I doubt it will ride out the next one and I expect at some stage for a domino effect and to see the collapse of football in the UK.  Football clubs in the UK have become to greedy and stupid.

That Dave Richard’s the ex chairman of Sheffield Wednesday rose so high in the game, after bankrupting Sheffield Wednesday and other business interests of his, you should take a massive warning sign from this

I can’t watch football any more, it is far too highly priced and I don’t believe a footballer is worth more a week than the Prime minister is paid in a year.  Before Jimmy Hill got rid of the maximum wage, players were paid double the average worker.  I see footballers contributing far less to society than the rest of us, after there being winners and losers, so why should they earn so much more.

The English Premier league should be very worried if history is to repeat itself.  At one bit Seria A was the major league in the world, with all the best players.   America can see how much money there is in football and recently extradited members of FIFA to prosecute them for wrong doing.  I can see America overtaking out national game and there will be a transfer of power away from the UK, this will surely bankrupt the EPL in much the same way transfer of power from the Seria A to the Premier division did.

All the best



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