Simple biscuits recipe and ingredients

Its very simple and easy to make biscuits and you can modify this recipe to flavour your biscuits differently.  I recommend purchasing a flat baking tray from Tesco for £2, as it cooks the biscuits better and they just slide off the tray once cooked.



6 oz plain flour

4 oz baking margarine (or butter)

2 oz of sugar.  (white or brown)

Vanilla essence.


Put the oven on 220 degrees C.

All I did was weigh out all the ingredients into the same bowl and added a few drops of Vanilla essence.  I chopped the margarine into small bits.  I then made bread crumbs of the whole lot, lifting the flour into the margarine and dropping down, rubbing them together with my fingers.

Once I have the bread crumbs I added a tablespoon of water so I could make the ingredients into a dough, this may not have been necessary if I had used butter.

I then sprinkled flour onto a cleaned work surface and rolled out the dough so it was about 5/10 mm thick.  I then cut out with my pastry cutters to the required size.

I then placed each cut piece of pastry onto a baking tray.  Place in the oven and cook to perfection.

Store in a air tight container.

All the best




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