David Camerons EU renegotiation of the EU for the referendum.

David Cameron has asked for very little and got even less.  This is a scam of epic proportions and if he thinks that the British people will fall for this, his political careers has ended.  This man needs to be prosecuted under the trades description act.

All he has achieved is to put a brake on migrants claiming in work benefits, for 4 years.  But the 5 or 6 million EU immigrants already in the UK won’t be effected, just anybody else coming to our over crowded island.   The details of the 4 year brake are sketchy to say the least and could be another fudge.  Immigrants will still be able to send home child support received from the UK government.   Migrants will still come to the UK, because our minimum wage is still 4 times what they may earn in their own country.

This will not stop the pressure on our NHS and public services, due to over crowding in the UK.  We must be one of the most densely populated countries in Europe and we must learn to produce things more efficiently without all this cheap labour, that damages our standard of living.

The British government has to be able to decide who comes to our country, otherwise immigration to our country will only get worse, when Turkey and other countries join the EU.  How Turkey can join the EU beggars belief, when 95% of Turkey is in Asia.

There has been no negotiation of the existing arrangements we have with the EU and we can only stop future treaty changes if 55% of other countries agree with us.  What ever happened to the people having the final say in the so called treaty lock, if there are further treaty changes, they are just lying through their back teeth.

We pay £55 million into the EU every day, we receive 50% of this back on crackpot schemes that the EU believes we should have.  We could do some fantastic things in this country if we decided how to spend this money wisely.  The Chesterfield canal could be completed for £40 million, just think of 365 similar projects around the UK and the benefit they would bring to communities with just one years EU money.

We import £50 billion more from the EU, than we export to them, they have more to lose in a tariff tit for tat.

Democracy belongs with our Parliament and the only option is to vote to leave the EU and get our country back.   If you vote to remain in the EU, Britian will be nothing other than a province of the European Union and we will lose our defence, as the European army becomes supreme.

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One thought on “David Camerons EU renegotiation of the EU for the referendum.

  1. Dave jetsetted and juncketted his way across the whole EU busily watering down his original demands with every glass of Bollinger he raised to appease one or other of his 27 EU partners. Its a mirical he had anything left to bring back let alone the root and branch reform package he originally touted.


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