South Yorkshire police unfairness towards S25 Dinnington & Anston

Dinnington, Anston and Woodsetts have a population of 22K between them.  The local police station was recently closed down and the 4 PCSO’s were moved else where.  We now have one PCSO allocated to us and they have to come across on the bus to see us from Maltby

We are told how much South Yorkshire police are having to cut back.

This was the information I was provided with today by South Yorkshire police about police numbers.

On that reckoning if I go on a South Yorkshire population of  1365K, and divide into our population of 22K, that works out we should have 0.01611721611 for each member of staff.

PCSO’s                   227     x       0.01611              3.65

Staff members  2283     x       0.01611            36.77

Officers                2515     x       0.01611             40.51

Specials                 393     x       0.01611               6.33


Total                   5418                                       87.26


I only worked my calculations to so many decimal places, so it is slightly inaccurate, but close enough.

Yes I realise there are many different duties to police work, but if police numbers were more fairly distributed around South Yorkshire, I doubt that there would be much crime.

There is no longer a visible presence on our streets and I doubt the figures provided by South Yorkshire police show the true level of crime, because people have given up on reporting crime and no longer trust them.

All the best




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