How many South Yorkshire police should the Dinnington St Johns and Anston Woodsetts wards have

I met Gavin Felton the PCC candidate for South Yorkshire at the Dinnington Town annual council meeting.   He suggested that both Dinnington and Penistone police stations maybe re opened if he got elected.

This is a simplified version of staffing levels we should have in Dinnington St Johns and Anston Woodsetts wards if we had a fair share of police and back room staff.

Population of South Yorkshire 1.33 million

Anston Woodsetts and Dinnington St Johns wards population 25K.

227 PCSO’s    =  1 for  5726 people    25K / 5726  = 4.3 PCSO’s.

2515 Officers =   1 for   516 people     25K/ 516     =  48 Officers

393 Specials  =   1 for 3307 people    25K/3307   =  7.5 Specials

2283 Staff     =    1 for   569 people    25K/569      = 44 Staff

Lets say that half of the officers are based in the Dinnington Anston Police station in desk jobs, the other half are on beat or in cars.  Allowing for people being sick, on holiday, that makes 7 officers on duty to patrol streets during the 24 hours, 365 days a year.

The desk bound or those patrolling the streets can be distributed to help out else where in South Yorkshire during emergencies.  Those desk bound could, use computer systems and video conferencing so there is no need to leave the Dinnington Anston station.  There is far less reason to centralise staff with modern Voice and Data communication systems.

South Yorkshire police need to get into the communities, to stop crime, rather than allowing them to become a stagnant politicised tool, that only records crime after the event.  Far too many police are based in Carbrook and at the bottom of the Parkway divorced from the public.

All the best





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