Shirebrook Immigration problems North East Derbyshire Mike Ashley Sports direct and the case to leave the EU

A few weeks ago I was in Worksop and got chatting to somebody who told me that Shirebrook had been decimated by immigration and that immigrants were living 10 to a house and hanging around in large intimidating groups in the Town centre.  I decided to go along today and see for myself.   Shirebrook is in a picturesque setting and is a nice North East Derbyshire Town.  But on the way there you will see the massive Sports direct warehouse.


Once you get into the town centre, you start to see how immigration has become a problem for a once proud mining community.   I thought it was early closing today, but a lady assured me it wasn’t and that all the shutters were closed down shops.

Right in the middle of what was probably once a really nice market area, you will see the picture of a warning notice, in a language I can’t understand.  I wish I had taken a picture of the English translation, but I will tell you the gist of it.  It warns people about not drinking in the market square, urinating, meeting in more than pairs in the narrow alley ways into the market area etc.

I had quite an interesting chat with the lady I mentioned earlier, she told me as shops closed down and re opened, they became Polish shops of some kind.   Residents could now report land lords, who were allowing 10 people to reside in one residence.    She said that local people could no longer get jobs in the Sports direct warehouse and occasionally they found immigrants who had been working there, living rough.   The immigrants were also booted out by Sports direct occasionally and couldn’t afford a ticket to get home to Poland or where ever.  Working at Sports direct seems like a race to the bottom.

Walking around the Market area of Shirebrook it felt uncomfortable, with large groups of people hanging around, the atmosphere was very heavy.   There were an awful lot of Polish or Eastern European shops around the market area.   I was told most of the public houses had been closed down and that one was re opening as a Polish pub.  There used to be two decent dance halls that have since been demolished, it must have been a great town centre in its heyday.

I feel sorry for the people of the once proud mining town of Shirebrook.  It is a good reason to vote to leave the EU and only allow in immigrants who benefit our country and give our own working class a fair chance to get the jobs that should be available to them in the first place.  Mike Ashley and Sports direct should hold their heads in shame.

All the best



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