How rich wealthy are Sheffield Wednesday F.C. and Chairman Dejphon Chansiri?

Dejphon Chansir’s father has a wealth of $700 million.   Your guess is as good as mine how much Dejphon Chansiri is worth?.  Dejphon has turned around the fortunes of Sheffield Wednesday and could be a year ahead of his promotion expectations.   I think the Gods are smiling on Sheffield Wednesday and if they put in a good solid performance at Wembley, then they will be playing in the Premier division next year.  This reminds me of them getting promoted from the 1st division at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff.


It is pretty irrelevant how much Dejphon Chansiri is worth, when you can see the value he has added to Sheffield Wednesday football club in just 12 months.   I can imagine he won’t have an issue borrowing the money to invest in the club.

What is important is the amount of money Wednesday will receive on promotion to the Premier division, which amounts to about £100 million a year.  If Chansiri ensures he has a good business plan for the future, bit by bit, Wednesday can push on towards the Premier division title.   Wednesday need to learn from the past mistakes of David Richards and Co, who made some terrible investment decisions.

The big issue that needs to be resolved, is do Wednesday stay at Hillsborough, which has limited development ground or move to a large site in the East end of Sheffield?   If Wednesday are to remain at Hillsborough the Leppings Lane stand needs to be replaced as soon as possible.  If Hillsborough is temporary, access arrangements need to be changed on the Leppings Lane, so that Hillsborough isn’t 6K short of capacity.

Football is now much more than the pay on the day supporter sadly, so it is importance to develop Hillsborough or another ground to generate revenue from other streams.

All the best



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