Mass uncontrolled immigration is destroying the UK: Shirebrook Sports direct Mike Ashley

If you want to see why mass uncontrolled immigration is killing the UK, go to Shirebrook in North East Derbyshire and see for yourself.  Recently the Beast of Bolsover Dennis Skinner, came out in favour of leaving the EU, he has seen with his own eyes how much it’s destroying communities that he represents.

Uncontrolled mass immigration causes both wages of British workers to fall due to this unlimited pool of Labour, but also results in communities being destroyed, because many of these migrants have no intention of integrating into the UK way of life.  There is then too great a demand on public services, especially schooling and the NHS.  The government claims that 300K of additional EU workers are coming into the UK each year, but the new NI numbers created each year for EU workers is closer to 800K,

Mass uncontrolled immigration doesn’t just damage UK communities, it also damages the countries where these workers come from, as they are not building their own communities.   The only way for us to stop mass immigration is to leave the EU.

If you come into Shirebrook from Church Warsop, you will see Sports direct.  The picture I have taken is from the station car park at Shirebrook, but it isn’t a great angle to take the building from, to show you how big it is.

sports direct warehouse
sports direct warehouse

I am told that local people were only offered 2/3 day 0 hour contracts and have been pushed out by Eastern European workers.  I can imagine working conditions are shocking in the Sports direct warehouse and I have been told of Eastern Europeans being kicked out of Sports direct and having to live rough because they can’t afford to go home.   There have been many instances of 10 immigrants living in a house and paying £50 a month rent.

I have taken a picture of Shirebrook Town centre, which doesn’t really show you how the shops are becoming Easter European rather than British.  50% of the shops are now shut down.  I can imagine that many local now feel uncomfortable shopping in the Town centre, especially ladies.

Shirebrook town centre
Shirebrook town centre

I was going to go behind the main square and take a picture of all the Eastern European shops, but I felt very uncomfortable doing that today.  There were certain individuals hanging around that made me feel very uncomfortable and I am not easily scared.

There are many alley ways into the market area, that I would feel uncomfortable walking up, most of them were shut down today with it being Sunday.

These signs in English and Russian in the centre of the square tell you all you need to know about the immigrant behaviour in Shirebrook.

Shirebrook warning signs
Shirebrook warning signs
Shirebrook warning sign
Shirebrook warning sign

We need to get out of the EU, control our own borders and become more efficient as a country, so that we don’t need to import a cheap supply of Labour.  Being an ex Process control engineer, I know how we could become a more wealthy and productive country, without importing Labour to do this.

All the best




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