Slow broad band problems with Sky internet using Windows 10 /Mcafee MCPR tool removal

I have been having periodic problems with my Sky broadband running slow.  At Christmas it went to snail pace and I put that down to people being on holiday, the problem cleared for a couple of months, but the last few months my internet has been running at no more than dial up speed.

I have rung up Sky four times and twice the issue cleared when they did a test from their end.   However in the last week my internet connection was running that slow I have had to take matters into my own hands.

Sky claimed it was because I had Windows 10 on my PC, however if that was the case why was it running OK for nearly six months.  I did a bit of investigations into Windows 10 issues with broadband, turned off automatic updates and another feature.  Windows also reserves so much bandwidth for doing its back ground functions across the internet, I have reduced this to 0.

Here are a few links for you.

An Indian chap explains how to turn off automatic updates and another feature & how to turn reserved bandwidth down to 0.

Click on this link for video instructions for above.

You will have to install gpedit.msc if you want to follow the above guideline, this explain’s how to do it, its not installed on normal editions of Windows 10.

You will also find this link helpful

This still didn’t make my internet connection work any better.

I removed Mcafee as soon as I bought my PC last year, I also removed it with the MCPR tool.  However I thought I would run the MCPR tool again and low and behold, my internet connection is now running better than it ever has done.

Sky were trying to get me to upgrade to fibre, saying that Windows 10 doesn’t work very well across asdl.  All I can say is that Windows 10 works fantastically with asdl, probably because of tweaks I made in the background.

I can’t say I am happy that I am having to use Sky broadband staff in Poland, rather than back in the UK.  This is becoming a more and more regular occurrence.

All the best



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