Dinnington Sheffield South Yorkshire North Nottinghamshire gent looking for a job, career or work

Experienced academical and practical gent.

I am a 52 year old male with both academic and great work experience.

Swinden Laboratories research and development site Rotherham British Steel Tata
Swinden Laboratories research and development site Rotherham British Steel Tata

Process Control Engineer at British Steel Rotherham.

I trained as a Process control engineer at British steel Rotherham from 1980 to 1985 and gained a HNC in industrial measurement and control at Rotherham College of arts and technology.  This was heavily involved with electronics and control systems.  While training I also had to train in the other craft apprenticeships for a month: Machining, Welding, Electrical, Fitting and did a month at the River Don drawing office.

I spent two years in Deadman’s hole training centre on Sheffield rd and a further three years in the Process control workshops across British Steel Rotherham:  Central workshops Sheffield rd, S.P.E.A.R, Laboratories on Sheffield Rd, Brinsworth Strip Mills, Ickles, Aldwarke central workshops,  Primary Mill,  Roundwood, Communications centre Aldwarke Wash, Swinden laboratories.

Midland Bank HSBC

I then had a 15 year career at HSBC from 1985 until 2000, where I worked in many areas of the Telecom department.  For the first few years I worked in the Voice area, upgrading the private voice network and was an expert in call logging.  I introduced C&W Mercury services for the first time, when the sole supplier prior to that was British telecom.

I then moved into the Network control centre at Tankersley for six months, where I monitored both Voice and Data services and problem solved.

I then had a year on the rd, during the refitting of Midland Bank branches with the latest Telecomunications services, I must have visited over 500 branches.  I oversaw British telecom and ATM engineers.  The first part of the project was to fit in Telecommunications cabinets, so that standalone modems were no longer used and then fit in X25 NAC controllers, to reduce the number of Data services required into the branches, to reduce costs.

For the remainder of my career I moved into Data design on the Link2 network, where I designed and costed the Telecom services for all the IT systems provided at core HSBC sites.  I was a key person in the move of HSBC’s main London Data centre to a new location and the provision of their District and Service centres to remove back office systems from branches.  I also had to ensure that if a Major Data centre or Office building was lost, that we could transfer services to an alternate data centre or move office staff into alternate buildings.  Some of the networks I helped to design were carrying Billions of £’s of traffic in hours.   Change and Problems management systems were important systems I had to use.  I was also instrumental in the specification of a paperless system for the network inventory and billing system.

Hypnotherapy business

I left HSBC in 2000 after training as a N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) master practitioner,  I have been running my own Hypnotherapy business since, working with individuals and also providing stress management courses for businesses.   I also did a number of years as a volunteer with D.A.R.T (Dinnington area regeneration trust).

Emtac Ltd, Marks & Spencer Capita, Pearson Ed Excel, Scottish Power, Tesco

I have done a number of other jobs to supplement my Hypnotherapy business.  Sales with a Carbon Management company, Sales with Scottish Power,  Processing Operative with Pearson’s Ed Excel at Hellaby and Lowton carrying out the majority of functions on a part time basis for 2 years.   Marks and Spencers dealing with faulty online orders and customers enquiries for Capita at Manvers.   Tesco for 6 months as a stock replenisher.  Most of these jobs have been only part time or for short periods of time.

I am very good with Computers, Social media, Voice recording, Taking pictures and building WordPress web sites.

I am looking for worthwhile work where I can use my brain for 35 to 40 hours a week.  I can put my hand to anything, whether practical or a desk bound job.  I am very good at solving problems.

Yours in anticipation

Tim Wells

Tel No 01909 282435.

Click on this link to email me

68 Victoria St, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2SF



2 thoughts on “Dinnington Sheffield South Yorkshire North Nottinghamshire gent looking for a job, career or work

  1. Hi Mate, I work at Sheffield Web which is a newspaper printing plant in Dinnington we have vacancies on Aktrion which is an agency but almost guaranteed 38 hours per week. The job though is only labouring as a cleaner which involves stripping of gaurds and then cleaning them and replacing. Other days just involve general cleaning and emptying of drip trays. The work will be boring for someone like you I would imagine but if you are interested drop me a line and I will pass on your details.

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    1. Hello Mick. Any work at the moment, whether boring or not is a an improvement on my situation, if local. I would be interested to find out more about the work patterns, what I would be doing, if you can pass my details on. The thing that puts me off more than anything is being an agency worker, from past experiences. Kind regards Tim


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