Blackburn Meadows Bio mass station

Photography Anston, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and UK

As I walked along the Sheffield canal it gets very interesting under the M1 viaduct at Tinsley, as nature and industry collide.   At one bit Sheffield had a coal generating power station by the side of the M1 until 1980.

Two of the cooling towers couldn’t be demolished for another 28 years due to their proximity to the M1 viaduct.   The towers became a land mark, but the promised replacement for them has never materialised.   The cooling towers appear in “Among Giants” if you want to see them, starring Pete Postlethwaite, the follow up to the “Full Monty”. 

EON have built a Bio mass plant on the site of the old power station.  The old coal power station only generated 78 Megawatts of electricity, which was enough to power 78,000 homes, bearing in mind this was in a very industralised area, it wasn’t exactly a large…

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