Chesterfield canal Norwood tunnel journey Video

This is a journey inside the Norwood tunnel to about 440 metres on the Chesterfield canal.

At the time of its construction it was the longest canal tunnel in the UK, find out more here.

Currently the Chesterfield canal has been restored from West Stockwith to Kiveton.  The Norwood canal at Kiveton has collapsed in the middle.  I think the plan is to use the first part of the tunnel and then open up a viaduct through the old Kiveton pit site.

The canal will then come down into Rothervalley through a series of locks passing under the Motorway and then through Rothervalley country park using the river Rother.   The old route of the canal is completely blocked through Killarmarsh as housing was built on its route in the 1970’s.  I think the new route is fluid, as there are a  number of options under discussion.

At some stage the canal will connect up with Staveley which has been renovated through to Chesterfield.  From Kiveton until Staveley which is about 12 miles, there is very little canal and it will have to be re dug completely.  This portion of the canal restoration will take up to £40 million and will most likely be the most problematic.   £40 million seems very little when compared to a professional footballer, who would have far less benefit to the community, when it comes to: tourism, history, relaxation, culture, industry etc

Norwood tunnel Kiveton
Norwood tunnel Kiveton

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