Simple curry recipe

I learnt how to make a simple curry back in 2006, following a few instructions from a chap I was working for at the time.   Home made curries are far superior to the plastic ready made meals sold at places like Tesco and Aldi.

Simple curry
Simple curry

First of all chop up a good size onion and boil until soft.

I like button mushrooms in a curry.   Same again I clean, chop into half and boil until tender.

It’s up to you what you use as the meat base in a curry.  If you use chicken, fry in Olive oil until thoroughly cooked.  I prefer Quorn products, which you can get in mince or chicken pieces.  No need to pre cook the Quorn products as far as I am concerned.

Tin of chopped tomatoes.  Same again you can do it the hard way and chop up your own fresh tomatoes.

Tesco curry powder.  I tend to use medium.  If you like you can find the main ingredients in a curry powder and make your own.

I usually chop up a few garlic cloves or you can crush with a garlic crushing tool.

Throw all the ingredients into a pan and gently simmer until cooked to perfection.

I threw some green peppers in today.   Sometimes I will chop up cucumbers into small bits and stir in at the end or add cream just before I pour onto the plate.

Cooking is about experimenting from a base recipe.  Not one of my curries is the same.

What would I serve the curry with?   Sometimes I slice and boil potatoes and put the curry on top.   Other times I use rice and today Couscous.

I tend to cook for two, but freeze one half of my meal and have the next week.  However I don’t freeze the Quorn, as it has already been frozen once.  Probably I could get away with this, but I am not taking any chances.

If you have any questions give me a shout!

Happy eating

All the best




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