Clown attacks Dinnington

We have recently had a spate of Clown incidents in Dinnington, which has resulted in somebody getting a serious head injury.  If it wasn’t Clown’s, the few depraved in Dinnington would find another behaviour to distress the rest of us in the community.   We have too many people around here that have no intention of working and get sucked into the seedy drug world.  Even substances like weed will result in many moving into more dangerous substances like cocaine.

Since I moved into Dinnington 18 months ago, I have been trying to get the Victoria St allotment site cleaned up, as I believe this attracts all kinds of depraved behaviour.   The service rd where I believe this attack happened runs along the disused allotments and I guess the debris in the attack came from there.

I have been in the Sheffield star, Dinnington Guardian and Rotherham advertiser to try and get Rotherham council to do something about this land.   I even wrote to the Rotherham commissioners, Kevin Barron and Rotherham council to get fobbed off with excuses.

Recently I made a request on a local Dinnington Forum to get help from the community to help get the allotment site cleaned up and ended up with a threatening email from somebody.  However I have their IP address that can be located to their address by South Yorkshire police.




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