Christmas mince meat (XMAS) recipe, ingredients and how to make

I haven’t made Christmas mince meat for nearly 30 years when I bought my first house.  I decided to have a go again this year, as I am fed up of cardboard mince pies that Aldi and Tesco sell.

XMAS mince meat
XMAS mince meat

I have made my own recipe from my mothers suggestion and another recipe I found online.  I had a taste as I was putting in the storage jar and it already tastes fantastic.

First thing you need is a hand mincer or an electrical gadget.  I purchased the Eddington pro from Tesco for less than £20, this device had very good reviews and the suction to hold it to the work top is fantastic.

You need a large glass jar, I prefer ones with screw tops.  I purchased one for £5.40 from the local hard ware store.

I won’t go into hygiene, I assume you use common sense and are careful like me.  Best to keep the kitchen tidy at all times as it helps the process flow.

I would recommend also having a large mixing bowl to put all the ingredients in once minced.

This is a list of the ingredients and I have put a price for each:-

Dark Brown sugar  Aldi                  £0.69      500g

Dried mixed fruit from     Tesco  £1.30      500g

Minced suet (vegetable) Tesco   £1.10      500g

Sultana Aldi                                           £0.84       500g

Sultana Tesco                                       £0.89       500g

Greek currants  Tesco                     £1.54        500g

Raisins  Aldi                                           £1.29        500g

1 large cooking apple                      £0.80

1 large carrot                                       £0.10

Half Lemon

Half a orange

 Total                                                       £8.55

Peel the carrot and cooking apple.

Mince all the currants, sultana’s, raisins and mixed fruits, along with the carrots and cooking apple.  You will have to mix the cooking apple in with other things, as it causes an awful lot of juice and won’t push through the hand mincer on its own.   I use a large plate to capture all the minced items.

Put all the minced items into the large mixing bowl.   Add the brown sugar and suet.  Squeeze the orange and lemon into it.   Mix with a wooden spoon, mine actually snapped when I mixed it for a 2nd time before putting in the jar.

Cooking is about experimentation, add any other items into the mince meat you feel appropriate.   Some people like to add alcohol.  I added a teaspoon of Cinnamon.

Ensure all items are well mixed, cover the mixing bowl for the night.  Allow to stand over night and then give it another thorough mix.  Then fill the jar with the mince meat, trying to ensure there is no air trapped.  Put the lid on the jar and store in a cool dry place.

I do simple cooking and I hope this helped you, I don’t make a meal out of it.  Its currently the 20th of November, so my mincemeat will now stand for a month or two before I use.

I will be able to refer back to this recip again next Christmas.

All the best



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