Victoria St disused land.

Dinnington, Anston, Sheffield Rotherham litter picking

I have been living on the end of Victoria St for the last 18 months, when I first came the strip of land down the side of my house was used for fly tipping large electrical items.   This stopped within a month or two of me moving in and the items were removed by the local scrap man.

It took me a long time to get somebody to own the land, Dinnington Junior and Infant school said it wasn’t their land and Rotherham council said it was.  In the end Rotherham council owned up to it being their land, as it was left over from building the school.   Robery Holsey from Land terriers has been resolving issues like this, as schools became academies.

With the help of Simon Tweed my local council and Robert Holsey, Streetpride were assigned the duty of removing the trees, clearing the land and…

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