Time for Carlos Carvalhal to be replaced at Sheffield Wednesday F.C. by Chansiri

I was very disappointed when Carlos was chosen as Sheffield Wednesday, No1 because I had never heard of him and No2 his CV didn’t look very impressive.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Carvalhal

As far as I am concerned Carlos has done better than I expected, but at the same time he has had a lot more money to spend that most Sheffield Wednesday managers in recent history.   Wednesday did well to get to the Championship final at Wembley last year, but the team looked so out of the depth in the final and the short comings looked obvious.

Football is very simple, stop the other team scoring, keep position and score goals.   If You look at Carlos’s recent signings, has he strengthened in these three area’s.  If you look at Carlos’s record at previous clubs, he tends to have a good first season and then goes off the boil in the 2nd, Sheffield Wednesday now seem to be moving in a backwards direction and the supporters deserve much more.


Wednesday made a big mistake in not selling Forestieri when they had a chance to get good money from him and then signing a couple of players that would have given more to the team.

If Wednesday are going to get promoted this season, then they are going to have to look at replacing Carlos Carvahal very shortly.  I am not sure if Chansiri would trust him in the January transfer window and some top class signings need to be made then to enable Wednesday to get promotion this season.

Nigel Pearson

The only manager I have seen floating around at the moment who I believe can give Wednesday the bite to win promotion to the Premier division is Nigel Pearson, but would Nigel come due to his family being located in Sheffield.  I just wish Pearson had been brought in as Big Ron’s understudy on his second spell at Sheffield Wednesday.  I remember Brian Clough failing miserably at Leeds before being a complete success at Nottingham Forest after leaving Derby County, so I think this was a blip in Nigels career.

I wonder if Wednesday could prise a manager of the calibre of Eddie Howe at Bournemouth?

Who’s your choice for the next Sheffield Wednesday manager when that the time comes?

All the best



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