Professional experienced qualified gent seeking job work employment vacancies in Dinnington Sheffield South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire, North East Derbyshire

Process control engineer apprenticeship British steel Rotherham 1980 – 1985.

I like to think of myself as both a practical and academical person.  Rather than doing a degree back in the 1980’s, I chose to train as a Process control engineering apprentice at British steel Rotherham.   I believed an apprenticeship was a more balanced approach to gain academic qualifications and practical experience at the same time.  I gained an HNC at Rotherham college of arts and technology.   I spent two years in a training centre, doing both Electronics and instrumentation, along with a months training in Electrical engineering, Fitting, Machining and Turning, Welding and the River Don drawing office.

I then spent my time in the Process control workshops across,  Templeborough,  Central Workshops, Ickles,  Roundwood and Thrybergh Bar Mill,  Aldwarke Primary Mill and Melting shop, Telecommunications at the Wash and Development at Swinden Laboratories.

Midland Bank HSBC.   1985 – 2000 Sheffield.

I started off as Clerical grade three and worked my way up to a M93 manager.  For the first year couple of years, I was involved with the Midnet Voice network.  I looked after the Call management system and monitored capacity on the private Voice network carrying out upgrades and arranged upgrades of the network with British Telecom and our Network management team.  I also was instrumental in moves of a couple of Area office sites at Newcastle and High Wycombe.  I also helped to introduce Cable and Wireless services into the Voice network for the first time.

During this time I also spent 6 months at Tankersley Computer centre, dealing with network monitoring of both the Voice and Data networks.  At the time X25 was the major data carrier.

I then spent a year on the road, overseeing the installation of new Communication cabinets in the Midland Bank branches.   Once the new communications cabinets were installed, I then installed X25 NAC (Network access controllers) to connect branch devices more efficiently, especially ATM’s and statement machines.  I visited about 500 branches in this period, working in central London and as far afield as Exeter from my headquarters at Griffin house in Sheffield.

For the remainder of my career, I was involved with their Timeplex Link2 network.  I arranged installation of new nodes, circuit upgrades and individual circuits provided across this network.   I was involved in cost analysis to get the best possible cost efficiency.  This network was installed at about 100 major sites in the UK and channel Islands.  I had to ensure that services were fully redundant and contingent for emergencies at core sites.   I dealt with most of the major computer networks carried across this network:  X25, IBM, Tandem,  Routers, Cheque sorting centres and Customer service sites.

I was also instrumental in turning our Telecommunications department from a paper-based system for records and billing to a computer based system.  I helped to specify the new oracle based system.

London data centre was a major core site and I was instrumental in helping move it from Brent to Park st.

Hypnotherapist and N.L.P. master practitioner 2001 to 2016

I retrained as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) practitioner and master practitioner with Optimum performance and Hexagon training at Manchester and Sheffield.  I also carried out many other courses in self-improvement:  Coaching,  Sedona Method, Brandon Bays, Emile Coue.  I also have a lot of experience in Mind machines, Biofeedback, Lucid dreaming etc.

I have worked both on a one to one with individuals and delivering Stress management courses to groups of people.   I have a lot of experience with voice recording equipment.   I have worked with Rotherham learning network and Pringle training to provide stress management courses to various different categories of people: business people, carers, career ladies, older citizens and mentally and physically challenged people.

I have also developed various websites over the years, setting up an online presence selling Mp3 downloads.  I have a lot of experience with social media tools and applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.

Dinnington area regeneration trust 2000-2010

First used to help with publicising and running the Saturday morning children’s cinema.  Then progressed onto the redevelopment of the Middleton institute.

I also helped to run Dinnington business club and brought 30/40 businesses together at its peak.

Love my neighbourhood  2015-2016

I have been running a campaign to reduce litter in my neighbourhood.  Bringing together other individuals to litter pick and also pressuring various Rotherham council departments to enforce and clean up litter and fly tipping.

Other roles.

Worked for a Carbon Management company selling Carbon management surveys.  Cold calling.  Sold 90K of business in a 9 month period.

Scottish power cold calling for new customers.

Pearsons Ed Excel processing and checking of exam paper marking.  Hellaby and Lowton in most roles in the company.  On and off for three years during exam marking period.

Marks and spencer, resolving issues with their online system and helping customers order items.

Tesco stock replenishment.

What job career could you offer me?

I still feel I have a lot to offer the world and if you see me fitting in within your organisation in a role that benefits both yourself and myself I would love to hear from you.  Like I said earlier I am both practical and academical and can learn new skills quickly on the job.  I am self-motivated and able to use my common sense wisely.

Yours in anticipation

Tim Wells






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