Unbrako steel Kiveton park Sheffield Photographs

Photography Anston, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and UK

I did a months experience as a production metallurgist at Unbrako steels at Kiveton Park Sheffield in 1979.  I think I did this in my 2nd to last year and there wasn’t all the H&S we now have.  The only safety equipment I remember were glasses for my eyes.

Job role

I used to get sent out into the steel plant to check the temperature and acidity of solutions in big tanks.   The job was very easy to learn.  I had to cut the ends of a piece of rounded bar.  I then had to set into a wax like base.   I then had to grind the surface flat.  I then tested the hardness of the metal.  The more complex element was to check the Carbon content of the metal under an microscope.  I think this skill would have taken more than a month for me to learn…

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