Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough ground redevelopment S6

The big question is?  Should Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough ground be redeveloped or should a new stadium be built in a more accessible place in Sheffield?  Only a brave person will make what I consider to be the right decision and move it.

Redevelopment of Hillsborough

Leppings lane – West Stand

The first thing that needs to be done, is for the Leppings Lane stand to be removed.  A new modern three tier stand needs to replace it.  The corners of the ground need to be fully used.  Funny how this stand still exists all these years later, when most grounds and much of Hillsborough have been redeveloped.

KOP East – Bank

The issue with the KOP is all the unused area beneath it.  Unless the mound the KOP was built on is removed, there is a massive amount of revenue lost.  The whole roof needs removing and replacing to remove the pillars.  There are massive unused spaces at either side of the KOP.  I would completely rebuild the KOP along the lines of the HOLT end at Villa Park.


This is the most up to date stand in the ground, with the space fully utilised underneath.  Not sure if anything can be done to improve this area of the ground.

Cantilever – North Stand

Still looks iconic even today after being built in the early 1960’s and being the biggest stand at the time without pillars.  Not very good facilities in this stand and the space beneath it could probably be better used.  Probably the last stand that needs redevelopment and a full replacement with a three tier stand.

Purpose built stadium in the East end of Sheffield

The costs to upgrade Hillsborough would be immense and I think a purpose built new stadium in the East End would be better for the long term development of the club.   A ground where there is space around it for parking and modern additional facilities for the club are very important.

Land on Sheffield rd on the other side of the Tinsley viaduct that was once industrial land should provide enough land to build a modern stadium.  Who says moderns stadiums have to look like space ships, with the right architect?

A stadium built in the East End would be better for car access being next to the motorway and super tram already comes here for Meadowhall.

Remember Wednesday supporters chose the East end of Sheffield, rather than Hillsborough, when the club moved away from Olive Grove.

Finally removing the association with Hillsborough may be good for another reason, which I don’t need to mention.

All the best





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