Removing white hot coffee marks of a wooden mahogany table

I was upset to find a white mark on my expensive dining table.  I don’t know how it happened, as I never leave hot plates or cups on it.  I tried to polish the white mark out and it only made matters worse.  I then started searching on the internet.  I found a video on youtube telling me to use a cloth and a hot iron.

Do this at your own risk, but if you have nothing to lose, it maybe worth a go.  

Warm the iron up to medium.  Use a cloth the thickness of a tea towel.  The smoother the cloth the better.   Then iron over the tea towel in circles for a very short while.  I used a few jets of steam as well.  It’s best always exercising caution as this is trial and error.

You can now see the before and after picture.


White coffee plate mark
White coffee plate mark



I can see a slight mark, that I will remove with a less harsh method.  I don’t want to damage the good work I have already done.

All the best



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