Man made global warming (Anthropogenic global warming) scam or hoax

I found out back in 2006 that Global warming is a complete fraud.  I was working for a Carbon Management company at the time in Anston.  I had falsely believed in the fraud, until I watched the alternate view on a C4.  It had brought to my attention ” World temperatures have varied naturally ever since the creation of the earth.”

Climate change

Man, is not significantly altering world temperatures and if anything there is a fraud going on, because weather stations are being manipulated by the urban sprawl.  This urban sprawl is creating false readings.

Medievel warming

It was actually warmer in the Medieval period than it is now.  See this graph by Roy Spencer, somebody who knows what he is talking about.  Roy is an expert and his website is well worth visiting.


Weather experts

I am a trained Process control engineer and did an HNC in industrial measurement and control.  I may not be a weather expert, but I seem to know more than the so called experts out there.  The world is a very complex control system.

Sunspot activity

The thing that clinched it for me, that weather controls temperature not man.  Was the sunspot activity charts that have been shown to show no sun spot activity in the Maunder minimum period.  That was why the Thames froze over enough to have fairs on it.

The biggest driver is the sun, that goes through cycles every 11 or so years.  The latest sun spot cycle is already dropping off.

Back in 2010 we had a very severe winter in the UK, because Atlantic temperatures dropped significantly for a year.  This was a precursor for what will happen for the next 20/30 years, as the sun goes into a hibernation phase.  I don’t expect a Maunder minimum, but more a mini ice age.  I hope I am right any way.

The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO)

This is a graph showing the warming and cooling phases of the Atlantic over the last 100 or so years.

Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation according to the methodology proposed by van Oldenborgh et al.

The Oceans are massive batteries storing energy.  As they receive less and less energy from the sun they will start to cool and we will see much cooler winters in the UK, but better summers.  Keep an eye on the AMO oscillation as it goes into a cooling period for the next 30/40 years.

AMO Oscillation
AMO Oscillation

Carbon management

The Carbon Management industry has grown up on a complete scam.  Margaret Thatcher gave money to Universities to prove a link between coal mining and warming temperatures as an excuse to close coal mines.  What answers did you expect them to give her.   Nigel Lawson dropped this bombshell out on the program on the alternate view on global warming.

I suspect the Global warming myth will collapse at the same time as the European Union disintegrates.

Yes, we should be concerned about conserving energy and damaging effects from pollution, but Co2 is a natural substance that you and me create.  Nature creates far more Co2 than we could ever hope to create.  If too much Co2 is created plants will grow better and reverse any effects.

All the best



7 thoughts on “Man made global warming (Anthropogenic global warming) scam or hoax

      1. When has a scientific theory about how something happens not changed over time? There are some issues with AGW – not least what the hell the Vikings were burning that caused so much climate change. These things need challenging regardless of whether someone accepts the general premise or not.


      2. The idea is basically to make money out of it – surprise – which would never solve the problem anyway. Take the price of carbon concept – which you may choose to reject completely. It cannot be calculated – to do so would require accurately being able to assess how someone in Papua N Guinea would value preventing a 1C rise in temps and someone 500 years in the future. Even if the science was absolutely airtight, this still cannot be done.


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