Al Gore “An Inconvenient Truth” is actually Global cooling.

Back in 2006 I believed in Global warming by man.  I was working for a Carbon management company, selling free energy audits by the government.  The company I worked for got paid £500 an engineer per day, plus bonuses.  I sold about £90K of new business within a 6 to 9 month period.

Al Gore inconvenient truth

I was given a video by Al Gore called “An inconvenient truth”.  I got half way through the video and fell asleep.  The video was a total bore.  The Hockey stick theory has never materialised and neither has the ice free Artic in the summer, as we were promised.

Alternate view of Global warming

I then watched an alternate view on Man-made global warming on Channel 4.  I was riveted to this video and only watched it to mock it.  This totally changed my beliefs about Anthropogenic Global Warming or man-made global warming.   I discovered in 2006 that sun was the driver of temperature changes and that this happened over 100’s and 1000’s of years.    There are graphs out there showing the world temperatures from 0 to 2000.  During the Medieval warming period, the world was warmer than it was before industrialisation.    During the Little ice age the Thames froze over in the winter because there was no sunspot activity.


Up to 1998 we were going through a peak of global temperatures.  Since then temperatures have stopped climbing.  We are now about to go through a period when Global temperatures drop.  We have no plan for food production being reduced.  This cooling could last for 30/40 years and result in a mini ice age, worse case a Maunder minimum.

Matters could be even worse if a few Volcanoes go off, as is usually the case when the world cools.

Following finding out that world temperatures are controlled by the sun rather more than man.  I could no longer sell Carbon management and left the Carbon management company I was working for.


All the indicators out there are starting to show a cooling world, while NASA and the IPCC are fraud antly trying to fool people into carrying on believing the global warming scam.  There are going to be some very angry and concerned people waking up to this big untruth.

We had warnings back in 2010, when the UK suffered it’s severest cold winter since the 1960’s and then a couple of years ago when we had quite regular snow after Christmas.   At the moment America, Russia and Europe are suffering from cold and very snowy conditions.  This will become the norm over the years.

The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO)

The Atlantic ocean is starting to cool and go through a negative phase of AMO,

AMO Oscillation
AMO Oscillation

The UK gets much of its weather from the Atlantic and the reason why it’s not been so cold in the UK so far.   Atlantic temperatures have only just started dropping.

Brexit and Climate change

Conveniently we have gone from Man made warming to climate change.  Man made warming was a scam by government to tax and provide worthless jobs for the boys.  They have used the same approach as they did to scare us from voting #Brexit

Lower food production.

You really need to contact your MP and ask them what they are going to do to protect you from a colder world and lower food production!

All the best



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