Murder stabbing death Dinnington Lordens Hill rd footpath Victoria st allotments.

I am not going to say anything about this death, other than the official statement by South Yorkshire police.  We still haven’t been informed by South Yorkshire police, whether the stabbing was committed here or the body was later brought to this site?   Following the statement by South Yorkshire police, I will show you what I have been trying to do over the years to make this the Victoria st allotment and footpath safer.

Clown attack

It was only back in November of 2017 when there was a serious Clown attack on the same footpath.  The 16-year-old boy could have lost his eye, even worse his life.  He was bashed on the side of the end with a piece of wood.

Man charged with murder in Rotherham

Detectives investigating the death of 16-year-old Leonne Weeks have today (Friday 20 January) charged a man with murder.

Shea Peter Heeley, 18, of Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington, has been remanded into custody and will appear before Sheffield Magistrates’ Court tomorrow (Saturday 21 January) charged with murder.

Leonne’s body was found at about 10.55am on Monday 16 January, on a pathway just off Lordens Hill, Dinnington.

A post-mortem examination concluded that she died as a result of multiple stab wounds.
T/Detective Chief Inspector Martin Tate, said: “I’d like to thank Leonne’s family for their patience and support while we continue to conduct enquiries.

“I’d also like to thank members of the local community who have come forward with information so far.

“We are still appealing for witnesses, particularly anyone who was in Dinnington on the evening of Sunday 15 January, into the following morning and who saw or heard anything suspicious.

“If you have any information that you think could help us with enquiries, please call 101 quoting incident number 256 of 16 January 2017.

“If you wish to remain anonymous when passing on information, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

Victoria st allotments environmental decay.

What I would like to add, is that I have been trying to get the Victoria st allotment site and footpath cleaned up since I moved close by in March of 2015.   I don’t believe I have had the full support of Rotherham borough council.

Two articles about my initiative in the local newspaper. asking my community to help me to do something about the litter and the Victoria st allotments. This was back in November 2015

Video of the Victoria allotment site in the summer, since then matters have gotten much worse with fly tipping. 20/30 bags of household rubbish were dumped from the service rd on Victoria st.  Reported months ago to Rotherham council who have done nothing about it.  Found 4 dead rats around this household waste.  I have been promised so many times that a local group would clear two of the allotments, but this has never happened.  Rotherham council have the powers to make the 4 allotment owners fence off their sites and clean up, but they won’t use them and keep fobbing me off.

This was a picture trail of the Victoria st allotment site back when I first came to live here Spring of 2015.  The first picture has since been cleared of these overgrown trees and wildflowers will be planted down here in summer.  Simon Tweed my local Ward councillor and the Rotherham council land terriers helped make this possible.  It certainly makes this area feel safer.

Victoria st and lordens hill allotments 001

I am really hoping this sad event will inspire the community to help clean our community of litter and fly tipping and make it feel safer and a place to be proud of.

Please find out more about what I am doing.




3 thoughts on “Murder stabbing death Dinnington Lordens Hill rd footpath Victoria st allotments.

  1. Well said ,Dinnington used to be a good nice place to live I was born here and most of my family are from here everyone knew everyone and crime rating were low .Now it’s a dump no matter who you complain to about needles been thrown,dog muck on pathways and people dumping you could scream from pit top no one seems to give a damn .And I feel for the next line off young ones but even annoying that a poor girl as gone through what she must have gone through and emotions she must have felt it’s unbearable to think .for people to realize how bad it as got and how much worse it’s going to get.Ive seen people who live on Victoria street literally throwing rubbish and furniture into allotments it’s disgusting and street pride and rmbc should be ashamed

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    1. Hi Wendy Thanks for your comment. I lived in Anston as a child of 8/9, but could walk back from Dinnington Cubs to Anston on my own on a dark night. Dinnington people were once strongly proud of their community and many probably still are, but are in fear of a few who the Police and authorities turn a blind eye to. All the best Tim


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