Dinnington police station

Dinnington police station was closed down some time ago, I believe that crime has increased significantly since then.  We are lucky to see our compliment of two PCSO’s in the town and very unlikely to see them keeping us safe at night time, when the worst crime is likely to happen.  You will be lucky to catch a PCSO on a tea break in their Dinnington resource centre offices.

Please sign the petition www.change.org/p/south-yorkshire-police-crime-commissioner-re-open-dinnington-police-station

Dinnington police station
Dinnington police station

Alan Billings

At the meeting, last night in Dinnington Alan Billings was going on about people feeling safer if they could see a police station building.  It’s not much use if that building no longer holds police officers.  For the last few years of the police stations life, it wasn’t possible for the public to access the building, where were people supposed to go if in immediate danger.  This building hasn’t made us feel safe for years.

South Yorkshire police officers

We are told that South Yorkshire police have had to cut back numbers due to cost cutting.  However even with current Police numbers, with an Anston Dinnington population of 25K, our ratio of South Yorkshire police officers should be 50 and civilian staff 50.  Let’s say 50% of the police officers are put into a central pool for specialist roles, at least 25 police officers should be based in a modern Dinnington Police station.


Tim Wells


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