Dinnington policing Alan Billings Police and crimes commissioner meeting

Alan Billings turned up at the Salvation army building last night on Leicester rd Dinnington.  The attendance from the Dinnington public was very good, because a 5 pm to 7 pm meeting, isn’t good for the majority of working people.  I am sure that a much larger venue would have been required if the meeting had been set at 7 pm at night.

The positive from the meeting was that the Dinnington people, told Alan Billings as it was.  He saw how upset people are with the current policing arrangements.  As far as I am concerned Alan Billings fobbed us off with excuses and platitudes.

Modern police station

Alan Billings said that we would never get our police station back.  He told of going back to more neighbourhood policing, but that this would take time.   I don’t consider neighbourhood policing, to be police officers driving around in cars, that aren’t even based at a Dinnington police station.  We need to see police officers on the beat in Dinnington, they need to build rapport with the public face to face.

We as a community now have to apply pressure so that we do get a modern police station built here and a temporary one for the time being.

I suggest you email these people with your concerns:-

Alan Billings info@southyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk
Stephen Watson Chief@southyorks.pnn.police.uk
Kevin Barron kevinbarronmp@gmail.com

Alan Billings

Why not scrap the Police and crime commissioner and put the decision-making back into the hands of the Chief constable.  How much money would this free up?  I am not sure how much Alan Billings and his staff get paid a year?  if anything they create confusion, rather than clarity and a better police force.


It appears that Dinnington only has two dedicated PCSO’s, who by chance can be found in the resource centre on a tea break.  If one is on the morning shift, another on the afternoon, who’s covering the evening shift?

South Yorkshire police staffing levels.

I was given South Yorkshire police staffing levels about 12 months ago.  Anston and Dinnington has a combined population of 25K.  The ratio of police officers it should get from current South Yorkshire numbers is, 50 police officers and 50 civilian staff.  If you say 50% of these are kept in a central pot, to do specialised duties.  That still leaves 25 police officers and 25 civilian staff.

Recent escalating crimes

Recently we had a Killer clown attack, cars have been burnt out and other crime I am not even aware of.  House break-ins seem to have gone through the roof.

Visible police presence

A visible police presence reassures the public, but also makes criminals look over their shoulders.  Turning a blind eye to crime and not preventing it, results in the escalation of crime in our communities, as we have seen in Dinnington the last six months.

All the best



3 thoughts on “Dinnington policing Alan Billings Police and crimes commissioner meeting

  1. Didn’t attend meeting, but have just read your comments. I think it is a shame we now have only two PCSO’s covering the Anston Dinnington Woodsetts Area. They are missed, up to a year ago their presence was evident in the area. Very often driving to Woodsetts I would pass them walking towards
    Woodsetts to do their checks. They frequented Dinnington high street, and if not walking they were around in their cars. We need them back!!!

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    1. Totally agree with you. Can you email the Chief constable, Alan Billings and Kevin Barron and let them know what you think. I was out driving one day and saw 4 of them out there patrolling, one on the way down Woodsetts rd, another in Anston and two in Dinnington. They seemed to be very where, giving reassurance to the public and breathing down the necks of those who need it. Regards Tim


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