Practical and academical Professional gent Curriculum Vitae CV

Practical and academical Dinnington gentlemen looking for worthwhile work.   I originally trained as a Process control and electronics engineer at British steel Rotherham.  I then progressed to a career in Information technology at Midland bank/HSBC Sheffield.  I then set up my own Personal development business working with individuals and groups to resolve issues in an alternate way.  Please find attached my CV.

Timothy (Tim) Angus Wells

68 Victoria St, Dinnington,

Sheffield, S25 2SF


D.O.B 30.03.64


Completed an apprenticeship in Process control at British steel Rotherham.and achieved an HNC in Industrial measurement and control. Had a 15 year career at HSBC/Midland Bank in their Information technology department. Then went on to build my own personal development business. I am both a practical and academic person, able to turn my hand to anything and learn new skills quickly. Very good with people and new technology.


ATM. Billing. Business owner. Change control. Clerk. Computer. Cost analysis. Customer services. E-commerce. Electronics. Engineering. Multiplexer. Network. Operative. Personal development. Presentation skills. Problem management. Project management, Report writing. Sales. Social media: Facebook, Google, Adwords, Twitter. Stock control. Tandem. Technology. Telecommunications. Website building: WordPress.


2001 to present (part-time) Self-employed as a Personal development coach and stress management expert.

One to one helping individuals achieve goals using N.L.P. and Hypnotherapy.

Skills gained:-

  • Able to write and present courses to groups.

  • Build and sites.

  • Able to build E-commerce websites.

  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Adwords.

  • An expert on voice recording techniques.

  • Great with computers and technical matters

  • Great with digital photography

  • As a small business owner, I have to do everything.

8th May to 24th May DDC outsourcing solutions Manton Wood Worksop

Mail room assistant. Processing Royal mail Rural Payment agency applications. Logging of new applications, letters and complaints onto the computer system. Using both computer systems and hand held scanners. Also archiving of processed applications.

November 2014 to June 2015

Night shift at Tesco Dinnington replenishing the shelf’s on the Beers wines and spirits. Ensuring everything is priced up correctly. Only 20 hours a week.

November 2013 to December 2013. M&S direct via Capita.

Customer services at Manvers.

Skills gained:-

  • Resolved faulty online customer orders.

  • Coordinated with customers, shops and delivery companies.

  • Answered incoming email queries from customers.

  • Answered incoming calls from customers and placed online orders for them.

July 2011 until July 2013 on and off as required Processing operative with Ed Excel.

Carried out a number of different tasks at Hellaby and Lowton. Processing exam papers were done in a very methodical way. Work was seasonal during exam marking period, no longer available due to a change in working practices.

Skills gained:-

  • Data input

  • Checking

  • Scanning

  • Sorting

Oct 2012 to Nov 2012 DDC outsourcing solutions Manton Wood Worksop

Outgoing sales for Scottish power.

April 2006 to July 2007 Telesales with a Carbon Management Company

Sold 90K of Carbon management surveys to businesses.

1985 to 2000 HSBC Telecom Manager

Voice communications two years

Skills gained/achievements:-

  • Maintaining and operating the voice call logging system for the country wide Midnet voice system.

  • Analysing the capacity of the Midnet Voice system, providing costs and upgrading the network.

  • Move, of major Voice Tandem switches to new locations.

  • Introduced Mercury exchange lines at a time when the only provider was British Telecom. Analysed costs.

  • Coordinating engineers and operations.

Operations at Tankersely one of the two main centres in the UK for six months

Skills gained:-

  • Monitoring, logging and maintenance of the X25 network.

  • Monitoring, logging and maintenance of the Voice network.

Data communications in Griffin house for 12 and half years.

Spent a year on the road travelling around 500 Midland Bank branches during the upgrade of the branch Telecommunications network.

Skills gained/achievements:-

  • Coordinated British Telecom and ATM engineers while new Telecommunications cabinets were introduced. Housing modems in a rack rather than individual units. Changed over ATM services.

  • Tested branch services after the work had been completed to ensure services were all working.

  • Then installed NAC X25 controllers to replace expensive multi-circuits and provide a more secure and easier to maintain service.

Spent 11 years plus on the Timeplex Link2 data network that provided services to 90 core HSBC sites. This was the backbone for all the major computer networks: IBM, Tandem, X25.

Skills gained/achievements:-

  • Cost analysis for the provision of new and amended core sites and megastream capacity.  To ensure the most cost-effective and secure solutions. Planned the work. Provided engineers and operations with relevant documentation.

  • Planned the provision of the individual circuits which included the District service centres, First direct, Customers service centres, Head office locations, Merchant banks (carried billions of £’s in the hour and the major networks above. Providing engineers and operations with relevant documentation.

  • Capacity planned the network and provided relevant reports.

  • Drew network diagrams.

  • Helped to change the Telecom inventory from a paper to computer stock control and billing system. Testing and providing input to make improvements. Kept the system up to date with information.

  • Change control and Problem management.

  • Checked diversity, security and contingency for all the various networks.

  • Helped to move London data centre to a completely new location.

1981 to 1985 Apprentice Instrumentation and process control engineer with British Steel Rotherham.

Skills gained:-

  • Trained as a Process control engineer for a year and a half.

  • Trained as a fitter for one month

  • Trained as a machinist for one month

  • Trained as an electrical engineer for a month

  • Trained as a welder for a month.

  • River Don drawing school for 2 weeks

  • Two years on-site training across British steel Rotherham Process control workshops, the Wash Telecommunications centre and Swinden Laboratories.

One year as a process control engineer at Roundwood bar mill, Thyrbergh Strip Mill and Hawke st Sheffield.

Skills gained:-

  • Calibration of instrumentation systems.

  • Routine maintenance

  • Electronic fault finding.

Other jobs that gave me life experiences seeing things much from a different angle.


2000 to 2010 D.A.R.T. Dinnington area regeneration trust

Skills gained:-

  • Promoted and helped run Saturday morning children’s cinema.

  • The Credit Union on a Saturday morning. Dealing with customers incoming and outgoing payments.

  • Helped to renovate an old Church hall building into a modern multifunctional venue.


2012 Dinnington business club

I set up a business club in Dinnington and 40 people attended the last event. All profits went to the Bluebell wood hospice and Dinnington area regeneration trust.

2015 to present litter reduction activist

I have a big issue with litter in my community and I have a bit of a campaign locally to something about it. Pressuring the local council and using social media to motivate others to help change behaviours.

2017 Dinnington Police station petition

Used social media, contacts network, local businesses, local press and TV to collect 3,700 signatures to reopen Dinnington police station. Pressuring South Yorkshire police to give us truly local policing.


2000 Master Practitioner of N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Hexagon Training Sheffield, previously having gained the practitioner certification a few years earlier with Optimum performance in Manchester.

1984 HNC in Industrial Measurement and Control, at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology.

1980 Gained six ‘O’ Levels at Dinnington Comprehensive School.



CSE History grade 1
CSE History grade 1
Various O levels
Various O levels
Proof of British Steel apprenticeship
Proof of British Steel apprenticeship
HNC Industrial measurement and control
HNC Industrial measurement and control
HNC Grades
HNC Grades
HNC grades 2
HNC grades 2
HNC grades 3
HNC grades 3
Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma
Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma
Neuro Lingustic Programming master practitioner
Neuro Lingustic Programming master practitioner



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