Climate change / Global warming Fraud Al Gore

I discovered that man-made global was a fraud when working for a Carbon Management company back in 2006.    I had to leave the Carbon Management company I was working for, as I can’t blatantly lie to people. When I told Paul the Weather from Look North my findings. he said I was mistaken.

C4 alternate view on climate warming

The two things I picked up from this program were:-

  • There are cycles of increasing and warming due to a warmer or cooler sun.   There are temperature charts out there showing the world warming and cooling over the last 2000 years.  During the Maunder minimum period, the Thames froze over due to no sunspot activity.   Times in the past have been warmer in the UK and there was no industry around in those days.
  • Nigel Lawson claimed that Margaret Thatcher wanted to close down Coal mines, so gave money to Universities to find links between Coal and global warming.  This has totally gotten out of hand over the years.  The Government have jumped on the bandwagon to exploit this for Tax gain.

I recently came across a John Casey presentation on Youtube.

John Casey suggested that a couple of British Universities, one being Eastern Anglian University were feeding into the United Nations.  The United Nations, NOAA and NASA appearing to be bending the truth about man warming the planet through emissions.  We are about to go into a period of 30/40 years of much colder weather, it could be a Little ice age or even worse a Maunder minimum.

Man produces an insignificant amount of Co2 to what nature can produce.  All the leading indicators out there are showing a cooling world out there, these are being manipulated by the establishment to fool you.

Crop production.

Our government should be concerned about crop production during a little ice age, but they are appear to be lying through their back teeth.  The government are more interested in the Tax revenue they can extract from you due to a fraudulent warming period.

We could end up with a period of over inflated food prices and loss of life’s due to a now significantly cooling world.

The truth will set you free.

Ignore the lying establishment and the press, find the real facts are out there, to be discovered on Youtube and elsewhere.

Remember all the Lies about what would happen if we voted for Brexit?  There would be an immediate downturn.  Growth has been at 0.6 the last three-quarters.  Watch out, there are vested interests in the Agw fraud.

All the best




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