Dinnington policing letter sent to Alan Billings and the Chief constable of South Yorkshire police

I went to the meeting held at Leicester st regarding policing in Dinnington.  I wasn’t satisfied with Alan Billings answers and decided to write to him and the Chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, Stephen Watson.  I am currently being provided costs for the Police and crime commissioner and his department, through Freedom of information.  I am still waiting, an answer to my letter.

Dear Alan  

I was very disappointed with what you had to say at the meeting Monday evening in Dinnington.

This was the information I was provided by South Yorkshire police on twitter.

Hi, We have 2,468 police officers, 201 PCSOs, 2,512 staff members, 309 Special constables. Not all are full time. Thanks

Dinnington and Anston have a combined population of 25K. Divide 25K by South Yorkshires population of  1.33 million. Which means there should be 0.01879 staff members in Dinnington for every South Yorkshire Police staff member.

This works out at.

Staffing levels for Dinnington Police station:-

46.3 Police officers
3.77 PCSO’s
5.8 Specials
47.2 Civilian staff

Let’s say that 50% of the officers need to be put into a pot for specialist type duties across South Yorkshire, then that still leaves about 25 police officers/Pcso’s to be based at Dinnington. There are going to be three shifts and officers on holiday, so this should leave 6 police officers on duty at any one time.


Rather than having such large centralised buildings for South Yorkshire police staff. Two buildings I know of are at the bottom of the Parkway and Carbrook, there maybe other buildings I am unaware of. It would be better to create smaller police stations spread more evenly across the South Yorkshire area, this would show a more visible police presence and make it easier to cover the whole of South Yorkshire due to the distribution.

Police stations are better put in residential areas, rather than industrialised areas, because they give a feeling of security to people. Officers coming and going from so many locations keeps those carrying out criminal behaviour feeling uncomfortable.

Being an Information technology specialist at HSBC in Sheffield for 15 years, I can assure you that even though the civilian staff are spread out, they can use centralised computers or answer telephone enquiries across South Yorkshire. Giving the impression they are all located in a central building.  It would also cut down travelling time to work for many, as civilian staff could work closer to where they live and reduce traffic on the roads.

It should always be possible for a member of the public to walk into a Police station and be able to talk face to face to a police officer. Where do members of the public go if they need immediate security?


I had many conversations with my Granddad who used to he the Chief inspector at West Bar police station in the 1960’s when the building was first built. His biggest complaint to me back in the 80’s and 90’s was that the police had become too politicised. I would prefer the Chief inspector to be the one making decisions about money and strategy and not yourself.

I think the Police and crimes commissioner further politicises the Police force and causes more confusion. I would be interested to know the salary of yourself and all the staff working for you? And also what your operating costs are, such as office space etc?

I hope you take my suggestions seriously and give me the total running costs of your department.

Yours in anticipation

Tim Wells



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