Dinnington Rotherham council election February 2017

I am absolutely appalled by the turnout at this election.  Less than 1 in 5 of the voting public.  Dave Smith the local Independent candidate has been fighting hard for Dinnington the last 5 years I know about, I expected better support from the Dinnington public.  He’s beaten by Conservative and UKIP candidates that don’t even live here and have done nothing for the town.  As usual, the public vote Labour, even though that candidate doesn’t live in Dinnington and I can imagine did absolutely nothing for Dinnington last year.

I am a UKIP supporter but won’t vote for non Dinnington residents who do nothing for the Town, unless they see an opportunity for payment.  I will be inviting  John Vjestica the Labour ward councillor to the Dinnington allotments site next week, when we have a meeting to discuss what can be done to regenerate it.   The body of the murdered girl was found on the allotment path.  Let’s see if he walks his talk now elected.  One of John’s main statements was to reduce litter and fly tipping in Dinnington, something I have been doing for the last year.  See my blog https://lovethyneighbourhoodblog.wordpress.com/

 Name of Candidate  Description (if any)  Number of Votes*
 FOULSTONE Charles David Dowsing  Green Party  78
 HART Jean  Independent  180
 HUNTER Lee James  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  303
 MIDDLETON Christopher Norman  Conservative Party Candidate  238
 SCOTT Steven  Independent  81
 SMITH David  Independent  232
 THORNLEY Stephen James  Liberal Democrats  75
 VJESTICA John  Labour Party  670 ELECTED

* If elected the word ‘Elected’ appears against the number of votes.

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number of ballot papers
 A  Want of official mark  0
 B  Voting for more candidates than the voter is entitled to vote for  1
 C  Writing or mark by which the voter can be identified  0
 D  Unmarked or void for uncertainty  2
Total  3
 Vacant seats  1  Electorate  9,603  Ballot papers issued  1,860  Turnout  19.37%

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6 thoughts on “Dinnington Rotherham council election February 2017

  1. To be fair Tim, I think that the low turnout was due, in part, to the apathy amongst both our generation and the one below us. Which would mean that Vjestica was returned as the candidate by the “grey vote”. THEY are the one’s who get off their backsides and make their mark (either by going to the Polling Station or using the Postal Vote) and they vote Labour because they always have done, they still think it’s the same Party that ushered in the Welfare State. Cue the usual posts soon on Dinnington Forum by folk bemoaning the fact that the Council do nothing for the youth/the roads/Dinnington (delete as appropriate), these will be the same people who couldn’t be bothered to vote.

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    1. Hi Cliff. Yes I agree apathy is probably the main reason for Labour being returned, but still more people want anything but Labour. I get fed up of the public saying that all politicians are corrupt, these same moaners won’t give to their community or get involved in it. If people would just get off their back sides and stop hiding behind social media and get into the community and get involved. I think John Vjestica is a paper candidate, I will find out by Tuesday, because I have asked him to attend a meeting Tuesday, with heads of Rotherham council and local councillors to discuss a clean up project for the allotment site. All the best Tim


      1. Agree totally. The number of people on Dinnington Forum (FB Group) who are constantly moaning about this, that, or the other but aren’t prepared to get off their collective backsides and do summat about it is amazing. It’s always left to someone else to do it. Good luck with Vjestica, you’ll probably need it..!


  2. I will be able to confirm Vjesticas intentions by 4pm Tomorrow. I dropped him a letter off personally and asked him to reply either way if he was willing to come to the allotment meeting.


      1. Hi Cliff He did turn up. But I don’t get the impression he is going to fight for the community. However, I do believe the meeting was a success and something big will come of it. Cheers Tim


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