Lettuce shortages and global cooling John Casey Cold Sun Dark Winter

Lettuce shortages and rationing at the supermarkets may sound funny to some, but it should warn us about a really serious issue arising.   The Global warming fraud could cost many life’s as food shortages become more evident due to a cooling world and lower crop productions.

Mini ice age Maunder Minimum

Yes, the world warms and cools, nothing to do with man, but due to the sun.  The sun is currently going into a hibernation phase.   There will be 0 sunspot activity for 30/40 years, as we go into a mini ice age or Maunder minimum period.  In the Maunder minimum, the Thames was so cold it froze over.

Reduced crop production

We have no plan for a colder world and less crop production.  As usual, our Politicians and those who should know better are asleep on the job.  Global warming and climate change is about taxation, you have been conned big style.  The establishment are still manipulating the figures and lying to you.

John Casey Cold Sun and Dark winter

You need to google John Casey who worked for Nasa.  He is bringing science into the 21st century.  He has written two books you may wish to buy Cold Sun and Dark Winter

Brexit lies by the government

Look at the lies about Brexit and an immediate reduction in growth.  Now growth predictions have been raised to 2.0 for the year by the Bank of England.  At one bit they were predicting 0.6% growth per annum following #Brexit.

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